Benefits of HGH Replacement in Adults

The benefits of HGH are many. Many of these benefits remain misunderstood. HGH, when at its optimal physiological level, affects many pathways for cellular repair, improved body composition, and better metabolic health.

How to Purchase HGH injections for 60% less.

Adult Human Growth Hormone Benefits

Anti-Aging and Wellness Medicine: Board-certified physicians who prescribe Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) replacement therapies.

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HGH prescriptions, HGH doctors, HGH clinicsTop doctors trained in anti-aging therapies test hormone levels and prescribe treatment for hormone deficiencies. If you think you may have hormone deficiencies, you are not alone. More than ever men and women are learning how hormone deficiencies affect the quality of life. However, hormone deficiencies also negatively influence risk factors related to the leading age-related chronic diseases facing Americans. It’s no longer taboo to test and treat hormone deficiencies in men and women. Replacing deficiencies promotes wellness, can reduce significant risk factors for disease, and enhances the quality of life for many. When combined with a proper diet and nutrition program, replacing HGH and testosterone levels with optimal physiological levels is an intelligent investment into one’s health, vitality, and longevity.

Common Symptoms of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Deficiencies in Adult Men.

HGH is for men and women.

Are you feeling lethargic or fatigued? Do you have less energy than you once did? What about your self-confidence and libido? Are you carrying around a few extra pounds of belly fat? These are just some of the standard signals your body is sending so start listening. Our modern lifestyle kills most of us. The two leading causes of death in America are Heart Disease and Cancer. Both strongly correlated to lifestyle. We can help. With a robust hormone replacement therapy program, which includes HGH replacement therapy, we can help rejuvenate your metabolic health. Combined with lifestyle modification improvements, within a few weeks, many begin to feel more energy and better sleep. Our program uses time-tested evidence-based medical and dietary therapies. By using growth hormone, testosterone replacement, optimal nutrition, and other lifestyle modifications, our doctors can guide you to better health, vitality, and longevity.

Unlike most diet programs, which often are based on calorie restriction, our program combines abundance in eating healthy nutrient-dense foods (the right foods) combined with hormone replacement therapy that replaces deficiencies. When we bring hormone levels into optimal ranges, we are essentially giving your endocrine system a much-deserved “tune-up.” Once you feel the improvement, you will more energetic which helps you gain momentum by taking the steps necessary for better health. We’ve treated thousands of patients dating back to 2008. We understand what it takes to get results. It’s more than peddling testosterone for low-t or HGH for anti-aging. Anti-Aging in this manner is a myth and that’s not our intention. We encourage you to change course with lifestyle so you stand the best chance at slowing and reversing epigenetic biomarkers, which are more important than chronological age. 

We can coach and guide you to optimal health, vitality, and longevity under our medically supervised health and wellness programs.

What's the Most Popular HGH Brand and Its Cost?

Norditropin is the most popular and most prescribed brand of HGH. It is manufactured by Novo Nordisk. The company is headquartered in Denmark. Novo Nordisk is a global leader in diabetic and human growth hormone medications. 

HGH Costs USA Vs. International

Tech billionaire and biotech-longevity investor Peter Thiel wants to live to or beyond 120 years. He eats a paleo diet, avoids sugars, and is taking human growth hormone treatment.

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Growth hormone secretion only lasts for less than one-half hour, so it is difficult to accurately measure it directly. IGF-1 levels remain stable throughout the early part of the day. Physicians who rely on IGF-1 measurements will encourage patients to get their blood testing in the morning hours after a good night’s rest.

Note that IGF-1 is no longer considered the gold standard for measuring HGH levels, but it is still widely used around the world.

Off-Label Prescriptions for HGH are illegal for anti-aging benefits. However, one recent study shows promise.  Candidates were given a low dose of HGH therapy with metformin and DHEA. This resulted in nearly a 2.5-year ‘epigenetic’ age reduction within 1 year.

This comes as a surprise to many, but our obesity and chronic disease epidemic in the U.S. kills over 600,000 people of heart disease annually. Another 590,000 or more annually will die from various forms of cancer. On top of these two leading killers, we have strokes, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and even medical error as major leading causes of death.

It is unlikely that HGH (a naturally occurring hormone the body needs to live) has ever led to the death of anyone. One thing is clear; its benefits reduce characteristics related to body composition and lipid levels that seem to show benefits in helping patients avoid the pitfalls of leading chronic diseases.

Many argue that perhaps HGH can promote tumor growth or even cause cancer. Most of the evidence related to cancer is it comes from lifestyle and environmental toxins. Lifestyle mainly is the foods we eat on the standard American diet (SAD). Although HGH offers immunity support, for those patients who have cancer, it is probably best to avoid HGH due to its promotion of cell growth.

Benefits of HGH Replacement Therapy.

HGH benefits for men and womenRarely a day goes by without receiving a question on the benefits of growth hormone replacement therapy. With so much misinformation among the press and medical community, HGH leaves most individuals confused and often afraid of hormone restoration.

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the body’s pituitary gland. It’s necessary for life and is responsible for growth, cell repair, and healing.

Prescription HGH is 100% bioidentical to the body’s own naturally occurring hormone. There are low to no risks of negative side effects when prescribed at the right levels, as the body functions best when natural levels are optimal.

HGH replacement therapy consists of only restoring natural HGH levels within the upper physiological ranges (optimal). It is believed that the modern American lifestyle of too much stress, processed foods, and environmental toxins, all play key roles in how our hormones function.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine far too often overlooks the adverse effects caused by accelerated declines in hormones in both men and women and views accelerated hormone declines as a natural part of aging. This results in a lack of understanding among many, and a significant reduction of the quality of life for most who are living overweight, tired, and at a loss.

Poor lifestyle and hormone dysregulation can also contribute to age-related risk factors for common diseases facing most Americans as they grow older.

Way back in 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudman M.D. along with his research colleagues published a landmark piece on HGH in the New England Journal of Medicine. This was a seminal moment for adult growth hormone therapy.

The paper discussed the effects of human growth hormone therapy in men over 60 years of age.


Below are bullet points on the Rudman study:

  • Treatment was given for six months
  • Ages ranged from 61 to 81 years
  • Men were injected at 8:00 AM, with intervals between HGH injections only 1 or 2 days
  • The men followed a healthy diet
  • The study found no significant change in body weight
  • Lean body mass increased by 8.8%
  • Fat decreased by 14.4%
  • Skin thickness increased by 7.1%
  • Bone density increased by 1.7%

Dr. Rudman Published Study <Rudman, Fahy, other HGH Research pdf>.

These basic observations have primarily been seen in other studies as human growth hormone has been the subject of many follow-up studies. What’s important to note is how this list of findings can influence the health, wellness, and longevity of the modern American. What exactly do these results mean?

How can we interpret this research and use it to help patients rejuvenate their bodies and avoid disease? That is simpler than people realize.

You see, HGH replacement therapy, in a nutshell, creates a leaner and healthier body composition and improves skin thickness (tightening) and other youthful characteristics.

The improvement in body composition is directly correlated with a lowering of risk factors related to many of Western culture’s epidemics of chronic diseases, e.g., heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and others. Body mass index (BMI), although a less-than-perfect measure of health, has shown for one hundred years in scientific studies that better health comes with BMI levels below 25.

Bone density is another important example of HGH’s benefits to the aging population. By now most of us have known a family member with osteoporosis leading to health problems, fractures, and death.

There are theories that the standard American diet has increased the incidents of diminished bone mineral density in a large percentage of the aging population. Research shows growth hormone replacement improves bone density in aging adults.

Muscle improvement is not just for professional athletes and bodybuilders. It’s for aging as well. Sarcopenia is the decline of muscle structure with aging.

Age and an unhealthy lifestyle determine muscle decline. Most aging Americans begin losing 3-5% of their muscle mass each decade after the age of 30. Muscle loss correlates strongly with growth hormone decline, which also starts at around the same time.

Sarcopenia begins accelerating around age 75, but that it start in unhealthy individuals as soon as 65 years old.

Sarcopenia is a leading cause of the lack of independence among the elderly. The possible effects of Sarcopenia include decreased muscle strength, problems with mobility, frailty, weak bones, falls and fractures, decreased activity levels, diabetes, and middle-aged weight gain.

Do some of these issues affect you today? Now is the time to act. The sooner you act, the better your outcome.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The benefits of testosterone therapy are many. Testosterone is the dominant male hormone. Without enough of it, men become weak, timid, and sluggish.


  • Helps to reduce fat and increase muscle
  • Improves mental sharpness and concentration
  • Improves mood, sense of well-being
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Increases libido and performance

These are some of the benefits often cited with testosterone replacement therapy. It’s noteworthy that many of the same benefits of testosterone therapy and growth hormone therapy are interchangeable.

When hormone replacement therapy includes both HGH and testosterone, the improvement in wellness can often exceed the sum of the parts. It is orchestrating a symphony of metabolic relations. When therapy is administered properly in testosterone-deficient adults, replacing testosterone with optimal physiological amounts, improvement to the individual’s life can be enormous.

How to Get HGH Prescriptions For Human Growth Hormone Injections.

HGH improves libido

HGH is only prescribed to patients in the US who show a genuine deficiency. No specific number or marker determines this criterion precisely. Much depends on the physician’s decision based on data from blood testing and the patient’s account of their medical history and health complaints. A good physician will also dive deep into the patient’s past medical history as well as family history to uncover as much information as possible.

One marker that many physicians have relied upon and continue to rely upon around the world is IGF-1 levels. Growth hormone is converted to IGF-1 when it passes through the liver.

HGH Injections Before and After

HGH Before AfterMany prospective patients recognize that growth hormone replacement therapy is a larger investment in wellness than many other hormone replacement therapies. So, it is natural for those considering treatment to measure what they can realistically expect. 

Before and After photos are often used in plastic surgery practices, but rarely by bioidentical hormone replacement doctors. The primary reason for this is that patients are reluctant to go public with their use of growth hormone replacement therapy. There has been so much negative press due to athletic doping that most of those taking daily HGH injections prefer to do so privately.

Nevertheless, let’s extrapolate from some of the research what one can expect as good before and after a 6-month measurement. One study was done in 1990 and measured before and after results in those 61 years of age to 81.

It should be noted that younger age groups will likely see better results with improved exercise tolerance.

Before and After HGH Treatment – Fat Reduction

Body fat should decline by over 14% in those over 60 years of age. Younger individuals will likely see greater reductions in body fat. The average athlete tends to have a body fat of 6 to 13 percent. The average man in the US has 18 to 24% body fat. The average female has a body fat of 25 to 31%.

Examples of Fat Reduction in 90-180 Days with just moderate exercise:

  • Males with 18% body fat will see a reduction from 18% to 15.4% on average – near athlete ranges.
  • Males with 24% body fat will see a reduction from 24% to 20.5% on average.
  • Females with 25% body fat will drop from 25% to 21.4% body fat on average.
  • Females with 31% body fat will drop to 26.5% body fat on average.

Note: These are just averages with little or no exercise. Just a healthy diet and hGH replacement therapies. Imagine what you can do if you direct the improved energy levels you’ll feel to more exercise!

Before and After HGH Treatment – Muscle Percentage

Lean body mass (predominantly muscle mass) will increase on average by 8.8%, for those over 60 years of age. Younger individuals that begin HGH replacement therapy sooner will likely see better improvements.

Also, those that add a bit more exercise to their routine will probably show markedly more improvements, beyond the results of Rudman’s findings, which did not include exercise.

So, for men interested in increasing muscle mass, those between the ages of 35-55 should see a 10-15% improvement with therapy combined with a solid exercise program and a clean diet over a 3-6-month period.

This before-and-after benefit, in particular, cannot be celebrated enough since we now recognize how improved muscle tone accelerates metabolism, and improves lipid and overall metabolic health in populations with healthier body compositions.

Before and After HGH Treatment – Wrinkle Reduction

HGH is the rejuvenation hormone. It creates growth and renewal of the body’s cells. Skin thickness is reported to improve by over 7% after just six months of use. Imagine what this achieves. As the skin thickens, it tightens. Collagen increases and fewer wrinkles become visible. Note that this 7 percent improvement was found in individuals between 60 and 81 years of age, so expect to see better results if you are in your 40s or 50s.

Before and After HGH Treatment – Bone Density

For those concerned about osteoporosis due to family history, growth hormone therapy may reduce your chances of osteoporosis problems and hip fractures significantly. Studies have shown that within six months, bone density begins to improve.

This benefit will last even when treatment HGH replacement is stopped. You see, it takes time for bones to diminish density, which leads to osteoporosis. Restoring bone density can be achieved in months. For those on a limited budget, it would help to consider replacing deficiencies at least for six months. Measure and monitor bone density following treatment annually to decide if more treatment is called for.

Is HGH Right for Women?

HGH for Women

HGH is fine for women. Sometimes women believe they will get extreme muscle growth like a bodybuilder. Nothing could be further from the truth. Growth hormone is a rejuvenation hormone.

Only someone taking extreme doses will encounter abnormal growth. The goal of all hormone replacement is to deliver an optimal physiological dose that is within the normal ranges of the human body.

We find HGH to be perfectly safe if proper doses are being injected, and treatment is properly watched by a physician trained and experienced in hormone replacement therapies.

HGH and Sarcopenia.

HGH helps Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of skeletal muscle in aging adults. Most adults begin losing muscle at around 30 years of age. This process continues until eventually, in later years it grows exponentially.

HGH therapy can help avoid many of the debilitating effects of Sarcopenia in aging adults. More studies are needed, but the evidence so far suggests the increased muscle-promoting effects of growth hormone therapy in aging adults, along with improvements measured in bone density among others, could be a breakthrough in helping the elderly still be independent later in life.

Possible effects of Sarcopenia:

  • decreased muscle strength
  • mobility problems
  • weak bones
  • falls/fractures
  • middle-age weight gain

That said, it’s important to note the following data:

  • By the year 2030, we are expected to have another 72 million people over the age of 65
  • Around age 65, Sarcopenia most commonly begins to accelerate
  • in 2000, 1.5 million adults were institutionalized or were incapable to care for themselves because of their inability to perform daily activities
  • It is believed to affect 30% of those over the age of 60 and 50% over the age of 80
  • Approximately 45% of the older population is affected
  • Approximately 20% of the US population is essentially disabled due to the effects of Sarcopenia

HGH helps combat these symptoms. It is worth noting that the sooner one embarks on an age management program, the less likely one will fall victim to this debilitating outcome at 60 years old. The goal of our hormone replacement therapies is to control these risk factors and push the time envelope from 60-80 years old to 80-100 years and beyond.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women.

Research shows that just like men, women can become testosterone deficient. When small levels are replaced (much lower than in men) women can receive help from the following:

  • Increased libido
  • Reduced sexual dysfunction
  • Improved mood

On average, healthy women naturally produce testosterone at 1/10 the level of men. Testosterone in women is produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands. Like men, women experience many similar negative side effects to the decline in testosterone. Including muscle tone, energy, libido, and a sense of well-being.

Improved Libido From Testosterone and HGH Replacement Therapy

Improve libido with testosterone replacement therapy.Reports show that HGH replacement therapy in those with deficiencies improves libido in patients. This is common sense. Growth Hormone helps rejuvenate cellular health. It also promotes other hormones to work better and more efficiently.

Some refer to HGH as the MASTER HORMONE as it leads other hormones like a conductor in a symphony orchestra. As libido is increased, both men and women will increase frequency, pleasure, and performance in most cases.

We also recommend a whole-food diet to promote nitric oxide within the endothelial cells. This helps naturally dilate small blood vessels and capillaries. It can also improve nerve sensitivity. A WHOLE-FOOD diet is nutrient-dense and low on the glycemic index scale to avoid high blood-sugar spikes. 

What’s the Average Cost of HGH Monthly?

Average cost of HGH per monthResidents in the U.S. HGH therapy typically will pay $1,250 to $2,400 per month for treatment. This doesn’t include medical consultations and blood testing. Just HGH. In Mexico and Costa Rica patients pay $550 for the same medication by the same manufacturer.

The average cost of human growth hormone replacement therapy can vary considerably depending on the individual. Yet, the figures above and the ranges described, pretty closely follow what the majority of patients can expect. 

Patients can expect the following HGH replacement costs for the two more common doses prescribed:

  • HGH Therapy Average Monthly Price for 1IU 5-days per week injection: $450 USD
  • HGH Therapy Average Monthly Price for 2IU 5-days per week injection: $900.00 USD

HGH therapy is injected generally once per day such as Monday-Friday, with two days off. Calculations are based on approximately 22 injection days of HGH per month. For those on a budget, there are some three-day-per-week injections protocols that can achieve good results in many individuals. Especially those willing to manage diet and lifestyle influences more precisely. 

Most patients will prefer Norditropin HGH replacement because it comes in a 30IU Pen and is very simple to use. Norditropin is the No. 1 HGH product used in the USA and around the world.

What do Average Testosterone Prescriptions Costs for BHRT?

In the US, expect to pay around $80-$250 for a vial of testosterone. This will last 60-90 days for most. Creams are comparable. Testosterone pellets are a little more expensive because they are a superior delivery system. Pellets are inserted subcutaneously under the skin by a trained physician. Pellet implants last 3-5 months, depending on the person, and how fast their body metabolizes the implant. Blood testing and physician consults are at added costs. Typically for those patients in the US, it is best they do our 6-month membership program.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from Growth Hormone and Testosterone Therapies?

Now more than ever, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can improve the lives of millions. The American population is living longer than ever. Unfortunately, most are unhealthy. There is an obesity epidemic with close to 67% of the population obese or overweight. The food supply is contaminated with environmental toxins from pesticides to artificial hormones doping our farm animals. With that said, it’s no wonder so many people are learning their hormone balance is less than optimal.

Our principal purpose is to bring affordable elite anti-aging medical care to a larger percentage of the aging population. Both men and women can receive help from proper nutrition, testosterone, HGH, and other bioidentical hormones. These are unprecedented times. We have medical advances that can help slow the aging process.

Our principal purpose is to bring affordable elite anti-aging medical care to a larger percentage of the aging population. Both men and women can receive help from proper nutrition, testosterone, HGH, and other bioidentical hormones. These are unprecedented times. We have medical advances that can help slow the clock when it comes to how fast your metabolic health declines with age.

How Often do I Inject Growth Hormone?

Typically you will inject HGH 4 or 5 days per week. Most doctors with only a cursory knowledge of how growth hormone affects the body will always recommend a 5-day per week schedule, with 2 days off. Taking 2 days off gives the pituitary gland time every few days to reset and regenerate its own endogenous growth hormone.

However, studies have been done showing three times or 4 times per week for adults on human growth hormone replacement will experience similar therapeutic benefits. One such study is linked here: <Thrice Weekly HGH Injections pdf>.

HGH Replacement therapy can be an important part of helping people live a higher quality of life and potentially even extending the life of individuals when they combine it with an improved diet and lifestyle.


FAQ 1.05.2

A typical month's supply will cost $550. The same HGH from the same manufacturer in the USA will cost 3 times more.

The leading brand of human growth hormone now in Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States is Norditropin.

Norditropin is the only leading pharmaceutical brand of growth hormone that comes premixed and can go without refrigeration.

It can go 14-21 days without refrigeration due to the proprietary preservation technology of Novo Nordisk.

HGH is three times or more in the United States than in many other countries. The main reasons for this are 1) pharmaceutical middlemen called "Pharmacy Benefit Managers" (PBMs) and the list-pricing strategies set by big-pharma companies. Please see for more information on Pharmacy Benefit Managers work in the USA on our "why is HGH so expensive in the USA?" You can ask Google, Siri, or Alexa and our page will be at the top of the list.
We only prescribe name-brand "FDA Approved" pharmaceutical HGH from major manufacturers like Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, and Merck. In the modern era with Google search and social media, these black market online internet pharmacies are rapidly exposed. We use real doctors and we promote our doctors. You get to know them and they get to know you. They are professionals and they want you to be healthy so that you tell others about our services. Unfortunately, the United States health care system is broken. It's too expensive for insurance to cover HGH treatments, so they've made it extremely difficult for patients to qualify. Metabolic health related to hormone decline with aging is not yet supported by the U.S. health care system. Insurance companies developed more on serving acute injuries, such as serving the needs of patients suffering from acute injury either by accident or a chronic condition. Insurance companies are less enthusiastic about metabolic wellness related to hormone decline, insulin resistance, and obesity. This leads to accelerated age-related chronic diseases like heart attacks, cancers, diabetes, and strokes. To a large degree, it is the primary reason health care expenditures amount to over 17% of the US GDP. We operate very openly on the internet and through promotional material like print media. We've advertised in Airline Flight Magazines, major Newspapers and on Television. We've been caring and treating medical tourists since 2013 from all over the United States and Canada. We only prescribe the same FDA approved pharmaceutical HGH brands that you find in the United States. The only difference is the USA must pay 2 or 3 times the price. Why? Because of big pharma's global pricing models and the problematic insurance model which exists in the United States. Both Republicans and Democrats have demonized big pharma for its inflated pricing, but nothing ever seems to get resolved.  Recently, some states have begun to take action. Utah recently passed "Right to Shop" legislation which allows its public employees to buy legally lower-cost prescription medications in Tijuana Mexico. Click the link. It is widely reported in some of the press. Other states are looking at similar legislation: . Mexico has very good control of their legal prescription drug programs.  We work closely with only the leading pharmaceutical companies. The process has a complete and safe chain of custody when it comes to name-brand prescription pharmaceuticals. 

According to the Norditropin website, all Norditropin products must be refrigerated (36°F to 46°F) prior to first use.

Do not freeze and avoid direct light.

After the first injection, the pens can either be stored outside of the refrigerator (up to 77°F) for use for 21 days.

If stored in the refrigerator after first use the Norditropen HGH pen will last for 4 weeks. The temperature range should be between 36°F and 46°F.

Never place your pens in a freezer.

No, it is not illegal to use human growth hormone with your doctor's prescription. HGH is an approved medication for certain medical conditions such as an HGH deficiency. It must be prescribed by your doctor. Border patrol, as well as the FDA, require international travelers to carry their doctor's prescription and keep the medication in its original packaging.
HGH begins working almost immediately. Most long-term improvements are seen within 3-6 months. Men given HGH from ages 61-81 were given HGH over a 6 month period. At the end of the six months, they had approximately 15% body fat loss, an 8.8% increase in lean muscle mass, and an increase in bone mineral density.
Most adults on our program range between 1-2 IU between 3-5 days per week. Common protocols call for one daily injection each evening 5-days per week. However, some research shows similar benefits may be achieved from a less frequent dosing schedule of only 3 days per week. Most adults on HGH replacement therapy will settle in between 1 and 2 IUs for each injection. HGH is further enhanced by following an intermittent fasting protocol. And for those who may be overweight and have some degree of insulin resistance, metformin may be prescribed. Berberine is also a good over-the-counter substitute. Most individuals on a 3-day injection dose will see a slower degree of fat loss. But when combined with intermittent fasting, metformin, and/or berberine, results on fat loss will accelerate in most individuals.
A one month supply of prescription HGH in Costa Rica will cost approximately $550 USD per month for Norditropin Growth Hormone.
HGH in the United States generally is three times the amount in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. Typical price for one month's supply of HGH at a U.S. pharmacy is approximately $1,250 USD. Only name-brand (non-generic) versions of growth hormone are legal. Name-brand prescription medications are generally always 3 times more than in other countries because of the retail price set by large pharmaceutical companies and middle men known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). See our video at the top of this page.
Yes. As long as you have a prescription. If you are traveling internationally you will want a letter from the doctor. We have all of the legal paperwork from the major manufacturers so if TSA or US Border Patrol is concerned, you can show them the information. Keep in mind, according to the Center for Disease Control, most adults over 40 years of age are on 2 or more prescription medications. International travel would cease to function if you were not afforded the basic human right of crossing borders with your prescribed medications. Always carry your prescription and your letter from the doctor to avoid confusing border professionals and TSA.
No. HGH is not an anti-aging medication. What HGH does is it supports the growth pathways in support of normal energy metabolism. Growth hormone works closely with the regenerative growth cycle of your body. However, it is now much more understood that this energy state is not ideal 100% of the time. In order for patients to see the best benefits related to anti-aging at the cellular level, they need to understand what the research on longevity and aging shows. The body operates best with it goes through natural anabolism and catabolic states (i.e., feast and famine). This reproduces a growth, cleanse phase at the cellular level. HGH used in combination with metformin, and DHEA, did show an age reversal in epigenetic markers. The research was published in 2019. It is linked to on this web page. However, we think this study can be improved upon by mimicking some of the new research by Dr. Sinclair of Harvard and Dr. Valter Longo of USC. They both promote the benefits of triggering mechanisms that influence AMPK and mTOR. To key elements of the longevity pathways. They do this with time restricted feeding and in some instances metformin.
Currently nearly 590,000 Americans die each year from some form of cancer. What doesn't give you cancer? Probably one of the most associated element we would guess is related to cancer is poor energy metabolism. One of the major reasons HGH is criticized for potentially promoting cancer in adults is that it increases IGF-1. Elevated IGF-1 is often associated with those with cancer. It's an insulin like growth factor, so for a tumor, it is simply assumed its going to feed growth. To some extent, we agree. In an overfed, processed-food rich lifestyle, with poor glucose regulation, we think it is a reasonable fear people should have. But with that said, if you follow the recent works of researchers into aging and longevity like Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Valter Longo, you learn that we need to be attentive to the AMPK/mTOR pathway. If you go to our Metfomin Blog page, you can learn a little about this pathway as well as how metformin is being studied as an anti-aging drug because of its ability to regulate this pathway for those eating and living the standard American lifestyle. Our goal is to help you understand as best you can what modern science is saying about this and its role in cancer. We are no longer living in the 1990s and this information is much better understood than ever before. With that said, we recognize there is much more research required to draw any conclusions. What we can say is that cancer is a big problem in the world, especially the United States. Those who are in better shape, have a better body composition, and have excellent blood markers are less likely to get cancer. Our role as a medical treatment center is to help you achieve this goal. We want to see your risk factors for all these age-related metabolic diseases decline.

With us, you don’t have to be a billionaire tech entrepreneur or a Hollywood movie star to afford HGH replacement therapy with the leading brands! 

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