Benefits of Human Growth Hormone HGH

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Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone HGH for Men and Women

Benefits of HGH Replacement Therapy for Aging Adults. Let Research Speak for Itself.

Almost every day someone inquires about the Benefits of Human Growth Hormone HGH. HGH organically benefits the human body from the time of birth. It is a natural occurring hormone HGH is a hormone secreted by the body’s pituitary gland.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone HGH affects the body as it is responsible for growth, cell repair, and healing. When HGH diminishes in adulthood, the cells in our body growth less, repair slower, and heal slower. This results in more body fat, less skin thickness and elasticity (wrinkles) and less energy – just to name a few.

Prescription HGH is 100% bioidentical to the body’s own naturally occurring hormone. There are no negative side-effects when prescribed at appropriate levels, as the body functions best when natural levels are optimal. If anyone hears that HGH is dangerous from a medical source or a news source, ask them to name one source of research that shows replacing HGH deficiencies with 100% bio-identical hormone replacement has ever led to a negative side-effect, when prescribed in appropriate physiological doses. No one can. It’s been a campaign of falsehoods, quackery and fear mongering.  And those that have are going to be in for a big surprise as these lies have led to a serious disservice to the public who’s quality of life could have been greatly enhanced by replacing their deficiencies.

HGH replacement therapy consists of only restoring natural HGH levels to within upper physiological ranges (optimal). It is believed that the modern American lifestyle of stress, processed foods and environmental toxins, all play significant roles in how our hormones function. Conventional doesn’t yet get it in most instances. Medical schools still teach like its the 1950s. Both doctors and patients remain confused.

In 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudman M.D. along with his research colleagues identified specifically the benefits of HGH when he published a landmark piece on HGH in the New England Journal of Medicine. This was a seminal moment for adult growth hormone therapy. The paper discussed the effects of human growth hormone therapy in men over 60 years of age.

Below are bullet points on the Rudman study:

  • Treatment was given for a period of 6 months
  • Ages ranged from 61 to 81 years
  • Men were injected at 8:00AM, with intervals between HGH injections only 1 or 2 days
  • The men followed a healthy diet directed by a dietician
  • Study found no significant change in body weight
  • Lean body mass increased by 8.8%
  • Fat decreased by 14.4%
  • Skin thickness increased 7.1%
  • An increase in bone density was observed

Benefits of HGH Chart

HGH Benefits, Growth Hormone Benefits Body Composition.

These basic observations have essentially been seen in other studies as human growth hormone has been the subject of many follow up studies. What’s important to note is how this short list of reproducible findings can influence the health, wellness and longevity of the modern American. What exactly do these findings mean? How can we interpret this research and use it to help patients rejuvenate their bodies and avoid disease? That is actually more simple than people realize. You see,HGH replacement therapy in a nutshell creates a leaner and healthier body composition, improves skin thickness (tightening) and other youthful characteristics.

The improvement in body composition is directly correlated with a lowering of risk factors related to many of western cultures epidemic of chronic diseases, e.g., heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and others. Body mass index (BMI), although a less than perfect measure of health, statistically has shown for one-hundred years in scientific studies that better health comes with better BMI.

Bone density is another important example of HGH’s benefits to the aging population. By now most of us have known a family member with osteoporosis leading to health problems, fractures, and death. You see, there are significant indicators that the standard American diet has lead to diminished bone mineral density in a large percentage of the aging population. Growth hormone replacement can help.

Muscle improvement is not just for professional athletes and body builders. It’s for the aging as well. Sarcopenia is the decline of muscle structure with aging. This is accelerated of course by poor diet and lifestyle. So, most aging Americans begin losing 3-5% of their muscle mass each decade after the age of 30. Essentially, this correlates directly with growth hormone decline, which also begins at around the same time. Sarcopenia begins accelerating around age 75, but that can begin is unhealthy in unhealthy individuals as soon as 65 years of age.

Sarcopenia is a leading cause of the lack of independence among the elderly. The possible effects of Sarcopenia include decreased muscle strength, problems with mobility, frailty, weak bones, falls and fractures, decreased activity levels, diabetes, and middle‐age weight gain.