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Botox and Dysport are two of the most economical facial rejuvenation options. 

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Botox and Dysport procedures by Board-Certified Doctors at our Domestic & International Treatment Centers.

Get treatment from board-certified doctors trained in Botox, Fillers and Facial Rejuvenation. We help faces look their best.

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BOTOX and Dysport are widely used types of botulinum toxin injections used for the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. Over the years, millions have undergone treatment. The treatment is considered very safe and can make dramatically reduce and eliminate many fine lines and wrinkles on the face. 

Most procedures are fast and convenient. Generally, they are completed within 15-30 minutes. Results are visible within a few days. The average cost for a BOTOX or Dysport session is around $400.00. This can vary depending on the number of units required and promotional events where discounts may be applied. 

Both BOTOX and Dysport work by blocking muscle contractions at or around the injection area. Aesthetic clinicians are trained to precisely inject the treatment into the correct area for best results. 

Treatment will not remove wrinkles indefinitely. To maintain a youthful appearance, it is recommended that once the medication begins to wear off, another session is scheduled to reinject a touch-up of the target area. By maintaining the areas of concern, patients can keep a very youthful appearance that remains natural looking and not overworked. 

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