Some joke that this method is so powerful, it can grow hair on a bowling ball!

While everyone understands that’s not true, the mere fact that modern medicine can activate cellular growth factors on the scalp, at the cellular level, is nothing short of miraculous. Yet, these types are therapies are being done every day across America with success, as research clearly shows and which we are happy to share.

Learn more how cellular transplant therapy can slow, stop, and even regenerate hair follicle growth – creating a healthier fuller looking head of hair.

Cell-based Hair Transplant Method – What is it?

The cell-based hair transplant method uses the latest evidenced-based medical research. It employs a protocol of three areas:

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) – This is a process of taking 30-60 cc of your blood and concentrating cellular growth factors in PRP. The PRP is then injected into the scalp. The PRP solution is a regenerative matrix of concentrated growth factors extracted from your own blood, and has shown to stimulate and regenerate unhealthy hair follicles. Don’t believe us – read the research <Click here for research>

Micro-Needling / Derma-Roller – The derma-roller is a maintenance procedure that is done once or twice per week as a maintenance process. The derma-roller is a device that has hundreds of tine micro-needles. When it is rolled over the hair-loss area on the scalp it stimulates the body’s own stem cells to regenerate and rejuvenate the area. Don’t believe us – read the research <Click here for research>

The micro-injury from micro-needling isn’t deep enough to do any long term damage, it’s just deep enough to wake up the cells in that area so they can activate regenerative resources.

Prescription Medications – In addition to “in-clinic” cellular therapy using PRP, and “in-home” maintenance therapy using a derma-roller, we also use old-school medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil supports hair growth by increasing blood flow to shrinking hair follicles. Finasteride helps block DHT levels. DHT can shrink hair follicles, cutting off oxygen and nutrient flows to hair follicles. By block it (DHT), Finasteride can slow follicle damage and support rejuvenation.

For additional research articles on this technique, please go to the following webpage on Hair Regrowth: <Click here>

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Cell-Based Hair Transplant Method – How does it work?

The first step is to fill out the medical questionnaire and schedule a consultation with the doctor and the medical support team. They will review your medical history and cover everything involved in the procedure. The “in-clinic” platelet-rich plasma procedures only require about 45 minutes of your time, and can be done on a lunch hour. There is no down-time whatsoever. You will need to make three clinic visits, spaced apart approximately 30-days.

After the “in-clinic” platelet-rich plasma procedure, you are provided with a derma-roller and instructions on micro-needling at home.

Cell-Based Hair Transplant Method – How Long does it take?

Each session of platelet-rich plasma done at the clinic will take approximately 45 minutes in length. The in-home process of micro-needling with the derma-roller usually will take only 5-10 minutes once or twice per week. The whole process takes about 90-days, but many will begin seeing results much sooner, sometimes after just one platelet-rich plasma session. We generally recommend using the derma-roller indefinitely at least once per week, and no less than twice per month, as a standard maintenance protocol. This consistently and continuously helps stimulate your own stem cell activity and helps to maintain a healthy scalp.

Cell-Based Hair Transplant Method – is it safe?

Yes. The cell-based hair transplant method is very safe. Much safer than more invasive surgeries like the old hair transplant method of cutting, removing and replacing hair follicles. The cell-based hair transplant method is more natural, less invasive, and much less expensive than traditional hair transplant methods.

Cell-Based Hair Transplant Method – How much does it cost?

Our cost for the full package is $2,695.00 USD. It’s not cheap, but it is much less expensive than traditional hair transplant methods.

Cell-Based Hair Transplant Method – I’ve been bald for years, will it work for me?

Probably not. If a person has been bald for many years, this means that most of the hair follicles have simply died off and no longer exists. In those cases, only transplantation is going to work. However, if you look at the research which you can download from this webpage here, photos clearly show that significant balding areas were regenerated significantly.

Cell-Based Hair Transplant Method – How do i get started?

Consultation – Fill in the medical questionnaire and get a free consultation. Click the link below, enter your email. An automated reply will be sent to your inbox. Follow instructions to login and fill out the intake questionnaire. Our front desk will contact you for a free consultation. <GET STARTED!>

Order Now – If you can’t wait, and want to order right away, click the link below. The cost for 3 PRP treatments, including prescriptions is $2,695 USD. Treatment is not cheap, but this is real cutting-edge science in cellular therapy for hair loss. Read the research for yourself. Order now! <ORDER HERE!>

On the Fence? – If you are still not convinced this is the best natural hair regrowth therapy, but still want to remain informed, please fill in the contact form below. We will keep you updated on our services so when the time is right, you can take action.

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