Dr. Mark Henderson Anti-Aging Doctor Licensed in KY, FL, and Costa Rica. Board Certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Anti-Aging MD Dr. Henderson LouisvilleDr. Mark Henderson Anti-Aging Doctor licensed in Florida, Indiana, and Kentucky.  Dr. Henderson works with our patients from the Midwest, South Florida, and Costa Rica, as he is one of the only US medical doctors licensed in Costa Rica.

Dr. Henderson was board certified in Emergency Medicine in 2001 and Anti-Aging Medicine in 2007.

Dr. Henderson has extensive experience in both of his fields of discipline.

As for Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Henderson is one of the few licensed physicians licensed in both the United States and Costa Rica, where our original treatment center began many years ago under the leadership of Dr. Leslie Mesen.

Dr. Henderson currently serves patients in Louisville Kentucky. Beginning in late July 2017, he will also be seeing patients in the Tampa Florida area.

Our primary goal is to help patients achieve optimal wellness. We do our best to stay abreast of the latest leading research in keto, whole foods, and fasting. And we apply this knowledge to help our patients achieve maximum results through lifestyle modification.  Some lifestyle changes to help improve health, avoiding the consumption of processed foods, learning how to manage blood sugar and insulin control to effectively manage metabolism, and combining this with hormone deficiencies when they are below normal levels and negatively impact your quality of life.

Dr. Henderson is experienced in all popular anti-aging modalities. This includes bio-identical pellet hormone therapy. Pellets are an amazing hormone replacement delivery system. To learn more about the benefits of pellet therapy, please download our frequently asked questions about testosterone pellet replacement: <FAQ Pellet Implant Download Here>.

For those new to pellet therapy for testosterone replacement, please watch the testopel video below. It’s a simple 10-minute procedure. The doctor inserts the pellets subcutaneously below the top layers of skin. It’s painless and pellet implants last for 3-4 months in most people. The advantage is a consistent and steady hormone release, unlike injections and creams where there are peaks and valleys of dosages.

Dr. Mark Henderson Anti-Aging Doctor Louisville KY |  Costa Rica – Board Certified

Dr. Mark Henderson Anti-Aging Doctor Louisville KY Board Certified