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Can Anti-Aging and Bioidentical Hormones Help You Live Longer?- with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe is a Belgian physician and hormone therapy specialist with over 30 years of experience. He is a world-renowned expert in anti-aging medicine and is known for his innovative approach to patient care.

Dr. Hertoghe is the president of the International Hormone Society and is a member of several other medical societies. He is also the author of several books on hormone therapy, including “The Hormone Handbook” and “The Hormone Solution.”

His approach to patient care involves a thorough assessment of a patient’s hormone levels, followed by targeted hormone replacement therapy as needed. He believes that optimizing hormone levels can lead to improved health, increased energy, and a better quality of life.

Dr. Hertoghe has also been a vocal advocate for using thyroid hormone replacement therapy in patients with hypothyroidism and has written extensively on the topic. He is also an advocate of other forms of hormone replacement like human growth hormone. 


We’ve been following Dr. Thierry Hertoghe and his lectures at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for a number of years. It’s always a pleasure to listen to his talks and watch him discuss his views on anti-aging and longevity. 

In the first video, Dr. Hertoghe discusses bioidentical hormones and whether they can help you live longer.

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8 Hormones for Reversing Aging, Restore Libido in Men with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

In the second video, Dr. Hertoghe is interviewed by Dr. Nick Delgado. They discuss the benefits of hormone replacement and peptides as supplements. Their discussion includes HGH, IGF-1, Vasopressin, testosterone in women, hair loss, among other supplemental therapies. 

Anti-Aging - Tools For Living Longer and Reversing Aging

In the final video, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe discuss Anti-Aging and the potential science of reversing aging. We are now closer than ever where we can make smart choice which will significantly influence the aging process.

As Dr. Hertoghe suggests, don’t think you don’t have hormone deficiencies. With the current state of the modern western diet, pollution, and other factors, Dr. Hortoghe suggest that even many babies are born with some hormone deficiencies. As he discusses, we have over 35 important hormones and many are sub-optimal.

Review his views on:

  1. Hormones
  2. Stem Cells
  3. Telomeres
Functional medicine is at the cusp of a major revolution. Learn what all of us can do to make life and health-span happier, longer, and better.


About this blog: Beginning in 2019, we will bring new research and interviews through content on YouTube, Vimeo and possibly other video content providers in the form of aggregated vlogs. The goal is to allow others to speak in their own words on health, wellness and longevity. As technology becomes more accessible and easy to use, the information in the form of video is unparalleled in human history. There is much we can learn from that of which is already published.

We hope this content is of benefit and we look forward to bringing more content like this in the future.

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