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HGH Benefits with Fasting & Keto

In this blog, we curate content from others on the benefits of fasting (or keto lifestyle hacks) used in combination with a bio-identical hormone replacement program like HGH replacement therapy. 

Probably no other combination therapy to date has been more successful at rejuvenating and regenerating cellular metabolism than balancing and optimizing hormone levels while cycling into cellular autophagy with periodic fasting and/or ketogenic dieting. 

Fasting 3 to 4 Times Per Year in Combination with HGH/TRT Therapy

Many researchers now studying the beneficial effects of fasting often recommend a fasting period to induce cellular autophagy anywhere from 2 to 4 times per year, depending on the health of the patient. These fasting protocols should always be conducted under medical supervision. We can assist patients with their fast in combination with BHRT therapy. The two therapies can be done independently, but together offer one of the best combined protocols for developing improved body composition and an enhanced metabolic state in a relatively short amount of time. 

Autophagy Explained

USC Researcher Valtor Longo Interview - Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

Dr. Valtor Longo discusses his fasting mimicking diet (FMD) with Rhonda Patrick, PhD. Longo is head of the Longevity department at the University of Southern California. He is studying the effects of fasting on disease prevention, disease resolution, and longevity. 

Longo’s lab observed increasing lifespan of lab animals through fasting and the fasting mimicking diet. He has also researched the beneficial effects of fasting in combination with conventional cancer therapies. Fasting is becoming a more widely used protocol for disease management as doctors and practitioners learn more about cell autophagy and cell apoptosis. The standard American Diet (SAD) has negatively influenced metabolism leading to poor health in our society. Dr. Longo is one of many leading the charge in this field by undoing some of the damage done by poor diet with the therapeutic effects of fasting. 

In Longo’s cancer studies, his lab observed that mice needed to show four major changes in blood markers before entering into a protective metabolic state while fasted. These markers are:

  • Lower levels of growth factor IGF-1.
  • Lower levels of glucose. 
  • Higher levels of ketone bodies.
  • Higher levels of the growth factor inhibitor IGFBP1. 

The video below is extremely scientific in nature. However, if you are seeking optimal health, longevity, and avoidance of age-related chronic diseases, this video may be one of the most important videos to bookmark for future reference and review.

Ketogenic Lifestyle - Physician & Researcher Stephen Phinney

Dr. Phinney is one of the leading experts on the ketogenic diet for optimal health and improved athletic endurance. This video by Dr. Phinney is a brief introduction to the benefits of nutritional ketosis. He focuses on how athletic performance improves after 6-weeks of entering keto-adaptation and nutritional ketosis. Since most research into ketosis and athletic endurance are short-term in nature (less than 6-weeks) it was rarely thought nutritional ketosis could, in fact, improve endurance in athletes. 

Dr. Stephen Phinney works closely with Jeff Volek, PhD. of Ohio State University. They have collaborated and published a significant amount of peer-reviewed research on the subject of nutritional ketosis. Nutritional ketosis is essentially a fasting-mimicking state, which is why it is another alternative to fasting alone.

In the second video below, Dr. Phinney discusses the safety around the ketogenic lifestyle for weight-loss, insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, and general health and wellness. Phinney believes many cases of metabolic syndrome can be controlled and even reversed with a ketogenic diet. 

In this final series, Dr. Phinney discusses how to troubleshoot the ketogenic diet if a patient is having difficulty achieving nutritional ketosis. He breaks down how to structure macro-nutrient composition for meal times to maintain optimal nutritional ketosis. 

HGH Replacement Therapy with Fasting, Fasting Mimicking and Ketogenic Dietary Modalities

Now that medical researchers and scientists understand the beneficial role of creating an optimal metabolic state through periods of short-term fasting, we can more efficiently rejuvenate and regenerate our bodies. A major factor to these concepts is to control in a safe and effective way cellular metabolism through both anabolic and catabolic cycling states. 

In the past, it was thought that maintaining a continuous catabolic state was the goal. However, through the work of Dr. Longo, Phinney and others, we’ve now learned that periodic catabolic states induced from fasting and ketosis are indeed beneficial. As these states help us regenerate and rejuvenate naturally through what is known as apoptosis (pre-programmed cell death of older non-essential cells), and autophagy (self-eating of weaker marginal cells). These mechanisms coupled with a managed bio-identical hormone replacement/optimization program are what we feel will soon be the future to optimal health, quality of life, cellular rejuvenation, and longevity. 

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