Cost of HGH Per Month: Real HGH Not Peptide Substitutes

Patient Alert, beware…

  1. Some US-based HGH clinics attract patients with promises of HGH treatment.
  2. However, once patients are in the clinic, they learn they cannot afford real HGH, and these doctors switch the treatment to unapproved peptides as substitutes.
  3. Peptides are not as effective as HGH.
  4. Patients may not realize this switch has taken place and receive less effective treatment.

Costs are lower with us because of our international options in Costa Rica and Mexico. We have board-certified physicians in Anti-Aging Medicine who can prescribe the same medications by the same manufacturers for 1/3 the price. 

HGH Monthly Cost Table (Norditropin) - Not Peptides

Average Monthly Cost of hGH Injections - Table

USA HGH VS. Abroad EXAMS/LABS Average Monthly HGH costs
Norditropin Price in USA $570.00 initial exams $1,295.00 monthly (10MG Injection Pen)
Norditropin Price in Mexico $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly (10MG Injection Pen)
Norditropin Price in Costa Rica $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly (10MG Injection Pen)

Cost of HGH per Month | FDA-Approved Norditropin | 100% Real HGH | Not Peptides

Residents in the U.S.A. will typically pay $1,250 to $3,000 or more per month for premium adult human growth hormone replacement therapy. International clinics provide the same treatment for $550-$575 per month. This price includes the same FDA-approved HGH by the same big-pharma manufacturers (e.g. Norditropin | NordiFlex | Flexpro Pen). It’s the same medications by the same manufacturers.

Many USA-based clinics continue to mislead prospective patients about HGH monthly costs. 

Certain USA-based medical clinics are attracting patients with promises of HGH treatment, but once patients are in the process of treatment they switch the treatment to peptides. Many patients are unaware that peptides are not as effective as real HGH. REPEAT: Peptides are not as effective as HGH, nor approved by the FDA as a substitute for medically prescribed growth hormone therapy. Patients may not realize this switch has taken place and receive less effective treatment.

Save with Anti-Aging and Wellness and avoid online pharmacy scams. Real doctors. Same medications by the same manufacturers.  The smart choice for elite wellness.

Offering FAST same-day labs in Mexico and Costa Rica. Or if you prefer labs close to home, pre-order them near your home through Direct Labs Anti-Aging Panel.

How HGH Prices Work in USA | This is what makes HGH Cost so HIGH in USA

Key Takeaways on why HGH is so expensive in the USA:

  • List prices set by Big-Pharma are artificially inflated due to middlemen taking so much of the profits. 
  • Drugmakers sell to distributors who work through Pharmacy Benefit Managers who negotiate rebates through insurance companies.
  • The purpose of Pharmacy Benefit Managers is to lower consumer drug prices, however, the extra layers of complexity have resulted in higher prices. 

Cost of Real HGH Therapy

Average Cost Per Month for Growth Hormone therapy really depends on where the patient gets their treatment. If patients get treated in the USA, they can expect to pay at the low end around $1,295 monthly for growth hormone therapy like Norditropin. It may even be more depending on the dosage required for the patient.

Avoid scammers that promote HGH therapy, then switch to non-FDA-approved peptides for HGH therapy! This is a classic “bait and switch.”

For the initial examination, comprehensive blood testing, and physician consultation, the initial visit will be $550-$570. Follow up labs are done to assure proper dosage, and then scheduled quarterly or twice a year depending on the treatment center. 

However, if that same patient were to get treated at one of our international treatment centers, they would most likely pay $550 per month for REAL HGH. The same medication by the same manufacturers. Yes, the same Norditropin medication made by the same pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk

Many states like Utah are looking outside the United States for lower cost NAME-BRAND / FDA APPROVED medications in Mexico and other countries. It’s the same medication from the same manufacturer, buy usually at 1/3 the price.

Big Pharma and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (also known as middlemen) use their influence to lobby lawmakers to scare Americans from going to Mexico and other countries to fill their prescriptions at huge discounts. For those on HGH replacement therapy, this is unfair. Only the rich and famous can afford this elite replacement therapy while average Americans (who may qualify for replacement therapy) are left to do without concierge medical care. 

Treatment for human growth hormone deficiency at our anti-aging and wellness clinics are 1/3 the amount paid at a U.S. anti-aging treatment center. 

Cost of HGH Therapy per I.U. | As low as $15 per IU.

In Mexico, prescription Norditropin 10MG HGH injection pen with 30 IUs of treatment runs approximately $450 USD.

Review of USA-based Costs & Tests based on Media Reports

Some of the major USA-based age management providers treat many adults for hormone replacement therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle modification.

Our Anti-Aging and Wellness treatment centers don’t always require the same level of testing and high fees to enter into comprehensive hormone replacement therapy programs.

A comprehensive initial evaluation at one of our anti-aging clinics is around $550 USD. This includes lab testing and a full medical consultation. 

As of December of 2019, it still appears that some US-based providers require an initiation fee of over $4,000 USD.

This includes various exotic tests like Vo2 Max, Dexa Scans for mineral bone density and body composition.

We typically only consider ordering these these tests for patients based on their individual risk assessment.

For instance, with modern innovations Vo2 Max can be estimated using smartwatches with reasonable accuracy (+/- 5% in some cases). If you’re not a top competitive endurance athlete trying to improve this metric specifically for athletic performance purposes, you may find using simpler less-invasive alternatives of VO2 Max estimation.   

We take a similar position on DEXA scans for bone density and body fat composition. Depending on your gender and your age, along with family history, there are a number of other tests that can provide reasonable accuracy at much less patient cost and inconvenience. At least for the majority of patients without a clear risk of osteoporosis. 

We are not trying to cut corners. We simply follow more consensus-based risk assessments for these tests. 

Although DEXA scans are considered safe, they still emit x-ray energy. For more information, see the IAEA Radiation Protection of Patients During DEXA Scans.   

Our goal is to approach anti-aging and age management with simplicity and convenience. We also aim to provide an unbeatable value proposition for patients looking at undergoing therapies for extended periods of time. 

We avoid unnecessary testing, yet we remain open to ordering these tests if an initial health assessment of the patient warrants it. 

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HGH Injection Cost

Historically, Norditropin growth hormone has been preferred among busy adult patients undergoing therapy. It is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, a global leader in pharmaceutical medications. It is not generic and it is FDA approved in the USA. Novo Nordisk is a global leader in diabetic and human growth hormone medications. 

HGH Costs USA Vs. International

Pater Thiel Interview on Bloomberg Television

Tech billionaire and biotech-longevity investor Peter Thiel wants to live to or beyond 120 years. He eats a paleo diet, avoids sugars, and is taking human growth hormone treatment.

When should Treatment be Prescribed?

This video is a reasonable argument related to the replenishment of hormone replacement therapy in adults.

Dr. Klatz of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine discusses the modest and appropriate replenishment of HGH deficiencies just as one would do for thyroid, estrogen, testosterone or any other deficiency. 

Dr. Klatz discusses how it is a safe therapy and has been used safely for more than 50 years throughout the world. 

Hormones supplied are bio-identical. They are naturally occurring molecules. 

Sensible Arguments for HGH Replacement

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Get an Anti-Age Blood Test In USA

Sometimes our patients prefer to get their blood tests done near their home at a Quest Diagnostics center instead of at one of our treatment centers. This can be done prior to your consultation with our doctors. 

The advantage of getting blood testing done at our treatment center is that you get the blood tests processed the same day. However, if in your case it is more convenient to get tested at a Quest Diagnostics center near your home prior to your medical consultation, then follow the instructions in the video on Lab Tests.

If will describe to you in detail on what our blood test screening looks for and how to order it online. The only drawback is it takes 5-10 days to get your results. Unfortunately, in the USA it takes a long time to process blood test results. At our treatment centers, you get results in 1 day. 

As long as you do not mind waiting 5-10 days for test results, use a Quest Diagnostics. If you would like your test results done on the same day of your visit, then have them done at one of our international treatment centers. 

Get you Anti-Age Blood Testing Done Today!

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HGH Prescription Costs

US Senate Hearings on Drug Prices

Senate hearings on drug prices in U.S.

Key Takeaways:

  • US spends more on prescriptions drugs than any other industrialized country
  • Medicine produced in USA actually cost more in USA than in Canada, France and Germany 
  • Taxpayer in US pays for most basic research through NIH

President Speech on Drug Prices

Key Takeaways:

  • Tougher negotiation for lower US prices
  • More competition
  • Eliminating the middleman
  • Reduce lobbying by “Big-Pharma” and Insurers
  • Remove incentives to encourage high prices
  • Ban gag-rule which prevents patients from knowing drug prices

The human growth hormone market is comprised of most major multinational pharmaceutical companies. At this writing, Norditropin is the global leader with 35% or greater market share. Second is Pfizer with roughly 21% market share. Others include Humatrope, Omnitrope, Saizen among others. Zomacton and Omnitrope are popular lower-cost brands growing in popularity in the United States due to the more competitive pricing. It will be interesting to watch how things unfold over the coming weeks, months and years as it relates to the average price for monthly treatment. 

Market Distribution Chart of HGH

HGH Cost and Market Distribution
Industry Market Distribution

The Dr. Rudman study conducted in 1990 was one of the first major research studies conducted on aging adults with this kind of therapy.  Since the Rudman study, hundreds of studies have been conducted in animals and humans. However, the Rudman study did an excellent job of distilling the benefits in an easy to understand manner. Men from approximately 60-81 years old used these injections for 6 months. They observed no major body weight change, however, body composition improved significantly. Lean muscle increased by over 8% and fat decreased by more than 14%. Bone density increased and skin thickness increased as well. See Dr. Rudman HGH Study, New England Journal of Medicine.

Before and After HGH Chart

HGH Cost Benefits Rudman Study
Before and After, Rudman et. al. NEJM study.

Prices Under $550-$650 per month - Norditropin 10MG Blue Pen.

Most programs offered at Anti-Aging and Wellness which include growth hormone therapy range between $550 to $650 per month

We provide great alternatives to the high prescription fees related to therapy at Anti-Aging Clinics in the USA. If you are an existing patient of a USA-based provider’s age management program, you can experience significant savings by switching to our comparable programs.   

You can avoid paying outrageous and inflated rates imposed by big pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical benefit managers on U.S. residents.

Same medications. Same manufacturers.

Anti-Aging and Wellness treatment facilities offer medical services in a safe environment in leading medical tourist destinations with our board-certified doctors.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional concierge-level service for patients who may be unfamiliar with how medical tourism works.

Nearly 85% of our patients come to us from the U.S. and Canada.

Costs for similar therapies in the USA using the same medication by the same manufacturer is close to 3-times more than our programs in Costa Rica

Lower prices for Uninsured & Under-Insured

The rates for prescription medications continue to rise in the US. As of July 2019, it appears the US government is finally preparing to take on Big-Pharma’s inflated US prescription drug pricing policies.

Meanwhile, the economic situation for many Americans attracts them to exciting international tourism destinations such as Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama.

The high cost of this kind of treatment in the United States limits most middle-class Americans access to high-quality hormone replacement therapy.  Wealthy entrepreneurs and celebrities routinely incorporate these injections into their own health and wellness lifestyle on a daily basis.

Insurance Qualifiers (unlikely)

Growth hormone therapy is rarely covered by medical insurance in the United States. In the mid to late 1990s, doping by sports athletes concerned US lawmakers and government regulators. Very strict guidelines on prescribing HGH were established to curtail doping abuses. 

About one-half of prescriptions are for children. Generally, this is for short stature, but some other rare diseases qualify as well. For adults, treatment is prescribed for three main purposes:

  1. Short bowel syndrome
  2. HGH deficiency due to pituitary tumors or their treatment
  3. Muscle-wasting disease occurring from HIV/AIDS

U.S. families’ young children diagnosed with idiopathic short stature (ISS) are discovering that it’s becoming a huge economic burden for them as well. More and more insurance companies are becoming stricter on what they permit for a child to qualify for treatment. 

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia published research in May of 2019 that parents are bear an increasing financial burden to get their children the therapy they deserve. See GH Financial Burden – Children’s Hospital.

Somatropin costs may appear lower at clinics substituting Sermorelin or Ipamorelin

Some clinics promote substitutes (peptides) like Sermorelin as real growth hormones, but these peptides (Sermorelin or Ipamorelin) are secretagogues – NOT recombinant human growth hormone.

Sermorelin and Ipamorelin typically won’t deliver similar results (especially in older adults). 

Standard HGH replacement therapy replenishes depleted growth hormone levels while sermorelin and ipamorelin try to stimulate the pituitary to endogenously produce more.

The older one is, the less likely sermorelin or ipamorelin treatment will work. At least that’s what we have seen in our practice. Delivering the actual hormone seems to work best for adult patients.

For many years, we’ve successfully treated thousands of patients at our international treatment centers.

HGH replacement therapy is legally prescribed and much more affordable internationally. In many cases, the savings are 60% or more. See our Costa Rica Treatment Center versus USA price comparison page.

In a 2013 Media Report filed by CNN, USA treatment costs for patients taking human growth hormone injections runs from $20,000-$30,000 annually.

Not all programs will cost patients $20K or 30K per year. It all depends on an individual patient’s therapy. 

To lower prescription costs, you need to look outside your own area and go to where the prices are lower. By simply traveling short distances, patients can save thousands of dollars on their prescriptions and refills.

Ask us about seeing one of our US Doctors first and get your program managed at home.

Note: Our rates are generally updated based on monthly updates. 


Isn't Hormone Decline a Normal Part of Aging?

Many ask the question: “isn’t hormone decline just a normal part of the aging process?” The answer to this question isn’t that simple. Individuals age differently at the cellular level. Chronological age differs from epigenetic aging. How we age is much more under our control than previously thought.  

We must consider how our modern lifestyle influences the production of all our hormones, including growth hormone production. Many hormones are in an accelerated decline in our modern culture.  

Too many processed foods and insulin resistance can accelerate hormone disruption and chronic diseases. Many of us are living longer, but a healthy lifespan is shortened.

The modern diet consisting of too many processed foods and too many carbohydrates equates to a calorie-rich / nutrient-deficient diet resulting in poor blood glucose control and leads to insulin resistance and diabetes. This eventually leads to weight gain and metabolic dysfunction. 

Americans are overfed in calories while at the same time starving of vital nutrients.

What’s more, we have an obesity and diabetic epidemic.

This has never been seen at such a dramatic level ever in human history. Never has mankind eaten so many calories while depriving himself of important nutrients vital to health and longevity.

Our priority as a leading international anti-aging group is to help provide patients with key information on how, what, and when to apply modern evidenced-based lifestyle and nutrition modification to their lifestyle. ,

Lifestyle modification, along with hormone therapies, can help lead to improved body composition and a reduction in age-related disease health markers. 

We encourage patients to adopt the whole food diet and limit (or even eliminate) processed foods from their diet, especially sugar.

Hormone levels are also on the decline among the modern generation. In many cases, we see lower levels than normal in younger men. More so than in the past decades.

Testosterone levels of men observed in recent research reports appear much lower in modern times than in prior decades.

In one study, a decrease as much as 25%, or perhaps more in modern men than in the 1980s and 1990s.  Key male sex hormones seem to be declining more rapidly than prior generations.

Many believe it is likely another downstream side-effect brought on by the obesity epidemic and poor diet. Some also point to exposure to processed foods and factory-farming of animals leading to bioaccumulation of xenoestrogens and many other environmental toxins.

Poor eating habits, a high body mass index, an inverted hip-to-waist ratio, and exposure to environmental hormone mimickers such as xenoestrogens are all likely contributing to less than optimal hormone control and a natural balance.  

By replacing deficiencies in hormones, our aim is to help our patients’ bodies work more efficiently accelerating a return to a more natural and healthy metabolism. 

Get Hormone Levels Tested and Eat Whole Foods

Studies repeatedly show heart disease and cancers are avoidable in cultures that eat more whole foods and little or no highly refined processed foods.

We must concentrate on eating the right foods. They should be whole foods that are lower on the glycemic index. 

Examples of influences to hormone levels as we age include smoking, heavy alcohol use, exposure to pesticides, herbicides, fire retardants and other environmental chemicals known as the dirty dozen endocrine disruptors: [eBook Environmental Toxins download 18MB]. 

We help patients live healthier lives with lifestyle coaching and hormone optimization therapy. These therapies are often less than many realize. Our health is one of the most important investments we can make. 

Many high-end age management programs offered by national centers in the USA and Canada remain too costly for many. Especially if that includes the more expensive hormone therapies like growth hormone replacement. 

Additionally, these therapies can be difficult to get prescribed in the USA, due to regulatory hurdles and the reluctance of some doctors to prescribe hormone therapies to their patients. 

Those who are struggling with chronic diseases and metabolic syndrome can benefit from programs like ours. We combine targetted protocols that help accelerate results. Yet we base these protocols on the individual patient. Some may want more aggressive interventions, while others will prefer less. 

Types of Metabolic Wellness Interventions: 

  1. Hormone replacement therapy, including growth hormone.
  2. Time-restricted feeding, fasting-mimicking, ketogenic among others.
  3. Vitamin and nutrient supplementation (oral and/or I.V.). 
  4. Comprehensive blood testing of key biomarkers to benchmark and monitor healthy progress. 

Many of the interventions we use can help patients recover from the negative side-effects of chronic diseases more rapidly than thought. 

When treatment benefits are sought through HGH replacement therapy, patients can turn to us for proper testing and medically supervised oversight of treatment.

In many instances, patients can find Norditropin or Saizen HGH for 1/3 the USA price at our treatment centers. Same medications by the same manufacturers. 

See a demonstration of the HGH Pen called Norditropin below. It is the most convenient HGH delivery system on the market. 

Note: HGH prescriptions are prescribed only when a patient’s symptoms and blood testing indicate a deficiency is present. Once treatment is prescribed, patients can buy human growth hormone prescriptions. Insurance rarely (if ever) covers HGH prescriptions.

Don’t Buy HGH Prescriptions from Online International Pharmacies

In the USA it is common to receive HGH prescriptions from licensed compounding pharmacies via overnight courier. In international markets, prescriptions should only be obtained from recognized pharmacies or those associated with our treatment centers. They should never be shipped to you from an unknown source. Many of these pharmacies are black-market and unregulated. 

We verify the pharmacies beforehand for each prescription, then have them ship it to the patient’s home or office via an overnight courier like FedEx, UPS or others, depending on the origin of treatment and geographic location.  

We generally prescribe Norditropin HGH internationally, which comes in a blue pen form factor. It contains 10MG of HGH, which is equivalent to 30IUs of HGH. Norditropin HGH is the most popular brand of HGH around the world, as well as the United States. One pen can last one month at 1.5 IU per injection 4 or 5 days per week.

California Norditropin Pricing Example

Same manufacturer. Same medication.

Traveling and Storage with Norditropin HGH

According to the Norditropin website, all Norditropin products must be refrigerated (36°F to 46°F) prior to first use.

Do not freeze and avoid direct light.

After the first injection, the pens can either be stored outside of the refrigerator (up to 77°F) for use for 21 days.

If stored in the refrigerator after first use the Norditropen HGH pen will last for 4 weeks. The temperature range should be between 36°F and 46°F.

Never place your pens in a freezer.

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