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Anti-Aging HGH, Hormone Therapy, Weight-Loss, Beyond Borders BHRT
Anti-Aging HGH, Hormone Therapy, Weight-Loss, Beyond Borders BHRT - TIJUANA, MX
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It all starts with a simple consultation with one of our wellness counselors.


Order lab testing near your home. Personal medical history & exam.


Board-certified doctors customize a program proven to optimize your levels.

Are you paying too much for HGH therapy in Texas?

HGH Adult Hormone Treatment Programs are expensive and out of reach for many Texans. Over the past 10 years, HGH prescriptions have more than doubled in the state of Texas. We offer solutions that work to tackle runaway HGH prescription prices.

Affordable Solutions for Residents of Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin

Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical has been working on reducing the massive markup on prescription drugs like HGH since 2013.  Texas residents may be able to use Medical Tourism as a way of circumventing the inflated prescription drug prices Big-Pharma places on Americans. By becoming one of our patients at one of our international medical tourist destinations you can expect to save 60% or more for HGH therapy alone.

Our first international location opened its doors in Costa Rica in 2013. Since that time, we’ve expanded into Mexico, Panama, Kentucky, and Florida. As we expand into other therapies like stem cells, exosomes, and more, we also look to open more treatment centers in Colombia, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. This ultimately will enable us to offer more treatment options for patients while improving the standard of care they receive from us.

Many of these international jurisdictions are investing heavily is the modern state of the art facilities for international medical tourism. Medical tourism is booming because of the unaffordable US healthcare service model. Global travel makes it easier that ever before to seek care abroad.

With our program, those in Texas currently treated with HGH therapy, or those looking to begin an HGH therapy program, can do so with us for 60% less than in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or any other major city in Texas. We can prescribe and monitor treatment over time following your initial assessment. Your treatment can be monitored by US licensed doctors as well. Or, at the very least, our international board-certified doctors who are also licensed to practice in the US, Costa Rica, or Mexico.

Note: Our treatment centers in Costa Rica and Mexico are staffed with physicians who are also US citizens. This makes it a soft landing and enjoyable expereince for most US and Canadian patients arriving for treatment for the first time.


HGH & Testosterone Prescription Requirements

Just because we are international does not mean there are no procedures. Actually, there is little or very little difference receiving an HGH or testosterone therapy prescription through us than receiving it from a US domiciled clinic. Our main difference in Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama provide the same medications for less than the US. You save on your treatment.

Like other age management clinics practicing in hormone replacement and optimization therapies, all patients must complete comprehensive lab testing, a medical history intake questionnaire, and undergo a physical examination at one of our associated testing/lab facilities. Once treatment is prescribed, follow up consultations can be performed via telemedicine and local Quest lab blood testing to monitor hormone levels can be done near your home. 

As previously mentioned, we have both US and foreign doctors on staff and in addition two clinics in the United States. See our treatment center locations below. Over the years, we have assembled a highly professional team of international business professionals and board-certified physicians. To state it mildly, working with us is like working with a Silicon Valley medical group like GetRoman or ForHims but at a 10x level. Just like these companies are disrupting the erectile dysfunction market, we have been disrupting hormone replacement therapy markets since 2013. 

Board-certified physicians in anti-aging, urology, orthopedics, and more. 

For instance, let’s say you were to elect services at our Costa Rica clinic. In that case, you would be working with someone like Dr. Ugalde.  He is not only board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Acadamy of Anti-Aging Medicine, but he also holds dual Costa Rican and US citizenship. In fact, he did his premedical training and his anti-aging boards in the United States. Dr. Ugalde has treated countless patients from Texas who were seeking a more economical rate for HGH therapy.

Medical tourism is booming internationally. The US medical system is no longer serving the middle class the way it once did 40 or so years ago. Savvy patients with an interest in wellness and longevity turn to beautiful and exotic places like Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama for exceptional care for less expense. Many make the trip annually just for fun. 

For those who are still skeptical, we also have access to board-certified physician Dr. Henderson. Dr. Henderson is licensed in Florida as well as Costa Rica. In fact, he is one of the only US physicians who is licensed in the US and Costa Rica. So, whether you speak English or Spanish, one point that will hit home with our medical care is competence and value. We have a sincere desire to work with you on your quest for health and improved quality of life.  

Why are we Unique?

The success of our multinational structure is second to none since we are really the first to create such an innovative approach in medicine. It combines medical tourism with US doctors and treatment centers abroad with the brand consistency of a global hotel chain. With our program, we can reduce treatment costs by 60% or more for HGH therapy. We can circumvent Big-pharma’s game of jacking up rates for the Americans. 

We are not a mail order or internet pharmacy. We offer highly professional services at treatment centers throughout the Americas. 

When patients follow our system, they receive excellent US-style standard-of-care medicine along with access to the same medications like HGH for much less. The great benefit for patients is a choice in how they manage their aging process. Patients need not be a high-tech billionaire or Hollywood movie star to have access to these therapies with us. 

Big Prescription Drug Price Concerns: Americans are Desperate for Better Prescription Drug Prices

As many are aware, this isn’t just an HGH cost problem. Many medications like insulin and others are much higher in US cities like Dallas and Houston than in other countries, e.g., Canada and Mexico.

Case in Point: A recent news report shows how many diabetics are traveling to Canada for their insulin treatment because “Big Pharma” has inflated the prices for it in the USA. Ironically, some of the largest leading insulin producers are also the same leading HGH manufacturers. Anyone who experiences this sort of price gap for the same medications knows it’s unfair and must change. Meanwhile, we do what we can to keep our rates at a level which doesn’t sacrifice quality, while delivering exceptional price value for patients.

Click on the report link here: <Read more about the 2019 CBS news report on this with this link>.

Can the US Government Reduce Prescription Prices?

Lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum have aggressively pushed to rectify price imbalances. Yet little if anything has been done to bring down the ridiculously high cost of HGH and other prescription drug therapies in the USA. Listen to both President Trump and former Senator Al Franken in the videos below addressing these concerns. Sen. Franken drills “Big Pharma” executives in Senate hearings while President Trump rails against Big Pharma, corporate lobbyist, and lack of progress on this issue from past administrations. We remain optimistic that as public awareness grows, sufficient pressure will get applied to lawmakers, regulatory bodies, and pharmaceutical companies so these price disparities are resolved equitably. 

US Senate Big Pharma Inflates US Drug Prices

Key Takeaways:

  • US spends more on prescriptions drugs than any other industrialized country
  • Medicine produced in USA actually cost more in USA than in Canada, France and Germany 
  • Taxpayer in US pays for most basic research through NIH

President Trump Speech Drug Prices

Key Takeaways:

  • Tougher negotiation for lower US prices
  • More competition
  • Eliminating the middleman
  • Reduce lobbying by “Big-Pharma” and Insurers
  • Remove incentives to encourage high prices
  • Ban gag-rule which prevents patients from knowing drug prices

HGH Prescriptions for 60% Less than typical USA Costs

Big HGH Problem: Most HGH Therapies are not Covered by Medical Insurance

Most HGH therapies are not covered by insurance. This makes it especially difficult for those without insurance. Sadly, what this means is that if you are not wealthy or famous, forget any benefit this therapy may offer you. If you are a tech billionaire, you get it, but if you are Joe Sixpack, your denied access. If you are a famous Hollywood actor, you will enjoy the therapy you and your doctor choose. But, if you are a construction worker, you are denied. Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. On top of that, they are sick and tired of being denied access to cutting edge therapies intelligent and wealthy people have access to. 

One recent example of a rich and powerful person using HGH therapy is Peter Thiel. He is the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and tech investor. One of the earliest investors in Facebook before it went public. We applaud Peter for publicly announcing it, and we look at it as a sign that this area of medicine will be less likely demonized and more likely accepted moving into the future. 

Below is a 2015 interview of Mr. Thiel by Bloomberg television in which he discusses his own research investment into wellness and longevity.

Play Video

Mr. Thiel wants to live to 120 years, and he takes HGH which he believes may contribute to this goal. 

Since 2015, many savvy residents residing in Los Angeles, CA and its suburbs have been taking advantage of a relatively unknown HGH treatment program capable of reducing the costs of HGH therapy by up to 60%. Many of the doctors who treat our patients are US citizens and licensed in Mexico and Costa Rica as well as in the US.

Update - Executive Order Drug Prices

July 5, 2019, update: POTUS threatens executive order creating a Favored Nations Clause for the USA. Whatever the lowest nation pays anywhere in the world for a pharmaceutical, the USA will soon pay that amount or less. 


Monthly HGH Plans starting as low as $550.
Initial Program Assessment $550.

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What can you expect for monthly HGH treatment prices?

  • The Cost of HGH Therapy Per Month USA $1280 – $2500 / Monthly (rates vary).
  • The Cost of HGH Therapy in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama $550 / Monthly (average).

Concluding Summary

At our treatment centers in the USA, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama we offer comprehensive concierge-level treatment that can help you reduce your risk factors for premature death. By doing so, we naturally increase your quality of life and increase your chances for a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life. We can’t reverse age, but we can positively influence (and reverse in some cases) certain age-related markers with the proper combination of treatment and lifestyle choices. Talk to us and let’s see how we can help you save while learning the latest in age-related science by the leading authorities.

Domestic Locations

Boca Raton, Florida

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International Locations

San Jose, Costa Rica

Tijuana, Mexico

Huacas, Costa Rica

Panama City, Panama

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Anti-Aging HGH, Hormone Therapy, Weight-Loss, Beyond Borders BHRT
Anti-Aging HGH, Hormone Therapy, Weight-Loss, Beyond Borders BHRT - TIJUANA, MX
Tijuana Mexico
Anti-Aging, H.G.H, Hormone Therapy, Weight-Loss, Beyond Borders BHRT - COSTA RICA
Costa Rica
Anti-Aging HGH, Hormone Therapy, Weight-Loss, Beyond Borders BHRT - PANAMA