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Hormone Therapy replaces Deficiencies due to Lifestyle, Environmental Toxin Exposure and Age.

What Influences Hormone Deficiencies?

  • Obesity / Lifestyle Choices
  • Exposure to an endocrine disruptor in the environment (toxins)
  • Age decline
  • Menopause for Women

Environmental Toxins; one reason for Hormone Disruption. Few recognize the extent of its effects. It may be under-diagnosed.

Over the past century, nearly 200 million tons of toxic substance has been introduced into our environment. We come in contact with many of these substances on a daily basis. The Center for disease control (CDC)reports it has observed at least 148 toxic substances in Americans of all ages.

These toxins effect us in a number of ways. Many disrupt our endocrine function. Others are linked to increased risk of cancer.

Although most chemicals are tested for cancer-promoting effects, these tests are generally performed on one chemical at a time. New research suggests that two or more of these chemicals combined do more harm. In combination, the multiplicative effect of small amounts of environmental toxins is much more dangerous than once understood.

Endocrine disruption and cancers are now impacting the longevity of individuals and the quality of life (QoL) more than ever before.

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Download Dirty Dozen Leading Endocrine Disruptors 17MB <Dirty Dozen Endocrine Disruptor(s) pdf 17MB>

For those patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy in combination with our lifestyle modification programs, we teach effective methods everyone can do to reduce exposure to many of these environmental toxins. There are even tips in the Dirty Dozen eBook pdf file. Down load it and learn what you can do starting today.

Are Chronic Diseases Avoidable?

YES, many chronic diseases are avoidable. By making the right lifestyle modifications, many of us can avoid the leading causes of chronic disease. Many of which are our leading causes of death in the US.

New research shows that nearly 90% of type II diabetes is avoidable. Heart disease, stroke, and colon cancer are also largely avoidable with proper lifestyle changes.

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While age is a factor in hormone secretion, it is only one factor. Evidence strongly suggests obesity and environmental factors are the two leading causes of hormone imbalance in modern times.

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We have domestic and international medical tourism programs that help patients save on hormone replacement therapies. Prescriptions are name brands made by the same companies in the USA. The only difference is they are less expensive.

By having board-certified doctors in Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USA, we are uniquely positioned to offer patients the highest value of service at the most economical rates, without compromising safety and quality of care.