Injectable HGH Prescriptions.

Board Certified Doctors in Anti-Aging Medicine Prescribe Injectable HGH at our HGH clinics. Schedule your Appointment to see if you Qualify for Injectable Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Patients searching for growth hormone replacement programs should always work through legally authorized medical clinics. There are many “so-called” anti-aging websites likes HGH sales, HGH Prescriptions, and others claiming to offer online HGH prescriptions. We can only say buyer beware. When these types of websites claim you can get FDA approved injectable HGH from them, you are placing your money and your health in danger.

No one can sell HGH online legally. Doctors must perform comprehensive biochemical blood analysis of each patient to benchmark their existing deficiencies, and prescribe the proper amounts of injectable HGH replacement therapy to bring those levels to within optimal ranges.

Leading brands of Injectable HGH are: Norditropin, Omnitrope, Saizen, Humatrope, Nutropin, and Gentropin.

Norditropin is the leading brand of injectable HGH on the market currently. Norditropin supplies roughly 31% of all injectable HGH used throughout the USA and the world.

What are the steps for an HGH program?

The first step is a comprehensive blood examination to measure existing levels of human growth hormone secretion. Next step is to consult with an anti-aging physicians (preferable board certified in anti-aging medicine), to discuss your symptoms. Examples of symptoms may be: loss of energy, slow healing, difficulty maintaining your exercise stamina, and a host of other abnormalities unusually out of range for your age and body composition.

We do not recommend getting injectable HGH for simple problems. We prefer to diagnose and baseline your deficiency first before prescribing. Also, once individuals are on an HGH replacement program, and they begin exercising more, eating cleaner and better, they will see an improvement in body composition. Less fat and more lean muscle definition. The can occur rapidly and usually is noticeable between 90-180 days of treatment.

To take the next steps, please inquire below and our medical team will reach out to you within 24 hours during normal weekdays with all the information you need to start an injectable HGH program with us.

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