Laser Acne Treatment Works Really Really Well. Acne Treatment That Works. 

How many Treatments for Acne? It depends. 3 – 4 treatments can give you very long-lasting results.

Take care of Acne  before scarring begins.

This is an especially powerful treatment for high school teens and university aged men and women suffering from acne. Laser Treatment using our high-end Alma Harmony XL technology zaps zits on contact.

A pock-mark is a pitted scar or mark left on the skin by a pustule or pimple. Years ago, acne suffers just had to accept the consequences of teenage acne and pockmark holes left behind. That is no longer the case if treatment is performed. Restoration and minimization of  pockmarked areas is best done in the younger years. That’s when the skin and the body’s own healing factors are more capable of responding to laser scar regenerative therapies.

In more severe cases, we can also complement the laser procedures with other regenerative therapies like platelet-rich plasma  or PRP. Several studies and more and more clinics across the country are using PRP growth factors to stimulate the body’s own stem cell responses for healing and regeneration.

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New Report on the treatment of the Alma Harmony XL Laser.


Brief Overview of the Harmony XL Laser and why it is one of the best options for patients.



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