Alma Harmony Laser Treatments in Tampa Bay | Orlando and Louisville.

The Harmony Laser Line is one of the best laser machines designed for Facial Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, and Laser Vein Treatment.

See better results in less time and less visits. You save time and money.

Board certified doctors in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Family Medicine.

Get your treatment by a global leader in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Therapies!

We only use the highest quality equipment to deliver our procedures. That’s why we perform all of our laser therapies using the Alma Harmony XL Laser for Skin Rejuvenation, Photo Facial Therapy, Hair Removal, and other procedures.

Patients really do benefit from our procedures.

The Alma Harmony XL laser platform:

  • Multi-application platform
  • Provides over 65 FDA-cleared Indications – meaning there is usually a solution for your specific needs.

The Alma Harmony Laser introduced super hair removal technology. It uses a a high repetition of short pulses. The pulses enter deep into the dermis providing a high level of heat, clearing hair, but causing no pain.

Skin Rejuvenation is a much sought after procedure. The Alma Harmony laser skin resurfacing treatments can help rejuvenate the dermis, taking off years of sun damage from the skin.  Those who can benefit include:

  • Individuals with fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Acne scarring.
  • Irregular skin texture.
  • Blotchy skin caused by sun damage.

Those patients who chose laser therapy from our clinic experience the following advantages:

  • Excellent results on small to moderate lines and wrinkles.
  • Little or no downtime for most procedures.
  • Fast treatment time.
  • Repeatable and consistent results with treatment.


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