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Are you paying too much for HGH therapy in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities?

HGH Adult Hormone Treatment Programs are expensive and out of reach for many. Many are left out because they cannot afford inflated US treatment prices.

Solution for Los Angeles and its Surrounding Areas

Our solution is a new clinical model that employs doctors in the US and beyond our borders and combines them into a cohesive medical group. Simply put, we operate and manage treatment centers in the US, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama which enables us to treat patients for less. We have doctors who are US citizens and licensed in California as well as in foreign countries like Costa Rica and Mexico. We also serve other US states as well and our team continues to expand rapidly. 

The success of our multinational structure is second to none since we are really the first to create such an innovative approach in medicine. It combines medical tourism with US doctors and treatment centers abroad with the brand consistency of a global hotel chain. With our program, we can reduce treatment costs by 60% or more for HGH therapy. When patients follow our system, they receive excellent US-style standard-of-care along with access to the same medications like HGH for much less. The great benefit for patients is a choice in how they manage their aging process. Patients need not be a high-tech billionaire or Hollywood movie star to have access to these therapies. 

Big Problem: Americans are Desperate for Better Prescription Drug Prices

As many are aware, this isn’t just an HGH cost problem. Many medications like insulin and others are much higher in the USA than other countries like Canada and Mexico. A recent report shows how many diabetics are traveling to Canada for their insulin treatment because “Big Pharma” has inflated the prices for it in the USA. Ironically, some of the largest leading insulin producers are also the same leading HGH manufacturers. Anyone who experiences this sort of price gap for the same medications knows it’s unfair and must change. Meanwhile, we do what we can to keep our rates at a level which doesn’t sacrifice quality, while delivering exceptional price value for patients.

Click on the report link here: <Read more about the 2019 CBS news report on this with this link>.

Can the US Government Reduce Prescription Prices?

Lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum have aggressively pushed to rectify price imbalances. Yet little if anything has been done to bring down the ridiculously high cost of HGH and other prescription drug therapies in the USA. Listen to both President Trump and former Senator Al Franken in the videos below addressing these concerns. Sen. Franken drills “Big Pharma” executives in senate hearings while President Trump rails against Big Pharma, corporate lobbyist, and lack of progress on this issue from past administrations. We remain optimistic that as public awareness grows, sufficient pressure will get applied to lawmakers, regulatory bodies, and pharmaceutical companies so these price disparities are resolved equitably. 

US Senate Big Pharma Inflates US Drug Prices

Key Takeaways:

  • US spends more on prescriptions drugs than any other industrialized country
  • Medicine produced in USA actually cost more in USA than in Canada, France and Germany 
  • Taxpayer in US pays for most basic research through NIH

President Trump Speech Drug Prices

Key Takeaways:

  • Tougher negotiation for lower US prices
  • More competition
  • Eliminating the middleman
  • Reduce lobbying by “Big-Pharma” and Insurers
  • Remove incentives to encourage high prices
  • Ban gag-rule which prevents patients from knowing drug prices

HGH Prescriptions for 60% Less than typical USA Costs

Big HGH Problem: Most HGH Therapies are not Covered by Medical Insurance

Since most HGH therapies are not covered by insurance, and even if they were, insurance deductibles have gone up so high in recent years only the wealthy seem to get treated effectively. Many who can benefit simply don’t have access to this treatment due to income level.
One recent example of a rich and powerful person on HGH therapy is Peter Theil. He is the billionaire co-founder of Paypal and tech investor. One of the earliest investors in Facebook before it went public. 

Below is a 2015 interview of Mr. Thiel by Bloomberg television in which he discusses his own research investment into wellness and longevity.

Mr. Thiel wants to live to 120 years, and he takes HGH which he believes may contribute to this goal. 

Since 2015, many savvy residents residing in Los Angeles, CA and its suburbs have been taking advantage of a relatively unknown HGH treatment program capable of reducing the costs of HGH therapy by up to 60%. Many of the doctors who treat our patients are US citizens and licensed in Mexico and Costa Rica as well as in the US.

Update - Executive Order Drug Prices

July 5, 2019, update: POTUS threatens executive order creating a Favored Nations Clause for the USA. Whatever the lowest nation pays anywhere in the world for a pharmaceutical, the USA will soon pay that amount or less. 

US HGH Prescription Prices Versus Foreign HGH Prescription Prices 

Typical out-of-pocket rates for initial lab testing, initial medical consultations, medical history review, and body composition analysis will range around $550 with our treatment centers. This is the case in the US or abroad. Some US centers charge around $4,500.

They include the following extras:

  • DXA scan to determine body composition and bone density. This can be done with other methods for less based-on standards. However, if a DXA scan is required, we can find a reputable testing center that can offer this report. This is not some magic bullet, so if you would like to learn more about the research and its benefit, we can certainly advise you on how to investigate this if based on your risk assessment it is warranted. Body composition is something which we do routinely.
  • An ultrasound scan to review arterial blockages. Again, there are an abundant amount of testing centers which provide these tests for much lower rates. If heart disease and overall atherosclerosis is a major concern, we can also suggest considering a heart scan. If you have major risk factors, which increasingly most Americans do, then we may suggest this test. We suggest you learn more about this subject by viewing the movie “WIDOWMAKER”, which addresses this area in much greater detail. It really is a wakeup call on recognizing your risk and what steps to take with prevention. Learn more: <Click here>. 
  • VO2 Max testing to measure cardiopulmonary efficiency. Again, this can be done, but again it is not a magic bullet either. We generally encourage our patients to review the work done by Dr. Steve Phinney and Jeff Volek, Ph.D. Much of their research is on ketogenic dieting effects and the improvement of VO2 Max in high-performance athletes. With that said, we recognize more of our patients don’t seek to become keto-adapted high-performance athletes, but the work of these two individuals, as well as that of Dr. Jason Fung, MD, Valter Longo, PhD, among many other exceptionally peer-reviewed published scientists, highlights how the modern American lifestyle of too much sugar and the over-consumption of carbohydrates has led to a chronic obesity epidemic. Roughly 614,000 die each year of heart disease. Another 590,000 or more from cancers. We can share the up-to-date research on how to best manage your wellness and get results with or without these tests depending on your budget. 

Check out what teamusa.org says about fat adaptation and its impact on VO2 Max: <Click here>.

For the athletes, please review the Volek / Phinney Metabolism publication here: <Click here>.

So, what can you expect for monthly HGH treatment prices?

  • The Cost of HGH Therapy Per Month USA $1280 – $2500 / Monthly (rates vary).
  • The Cost of HGH Therapy in Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama $550 / Monthly (average).

Concluding Summary

At our treatment centers in the USA, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama we offer comprehensive concierge-level treatment that can help you reduce your risk factors for premature death. By doing so, we naturally increase your quality of life and increase your chances for a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life. We can’t reverse age, but we can positively influence (and reverse in some cases) certain age-related markers with the proper combination of treatment and lifestyle choices. Talk to us and let’s see how we can help you save while learning the latest in age-related science by the leading authorities.

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