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It is estimated that 80% of men and up to 50% of women will experience some degree of hair loss. Self-esteem in both men and women can be damaged by thinning hair. Although baldness is often hereditary, there is hope with new cellular transplant procedures which cost much less than typical hair transplants.

Superior Technology for Hair Loss Cellular Therapy

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All processing of platelet-rich plasma done at our treatment centers is achieved with the Harvest SmartPrep Technology. This technology has demonstrated superiority and consistency over other leading models. This Multicellular Processing System delivers the highest concentration and yield of platelets when compared to 12 other systems, as shown by the data here.

What is a Hair Transplant and What is its Cost? 

A standard hair transplant is a type of surgery that moves hair you already have from one area to the thinning area. Two commonly used surgery techniques are: 1) follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS), and 2) follicular unit extraction (FUE).

The FUSS surgery entails removing a 6-10 inch strip of hair-filled skin from the back of the head, then divides it into 1,000-2,000 smaller grafts and implants.

The FUE process is a more precise surgery, whereby the surgeon removes each hair follicle one-by-one and then transplants them.

Both procedures leave lasting scars, which can be observed – some easier than others, depending on hair growth and length.

The general costs of treatment range from the low end at $4,000 up to $15,000, and isn’t covered by most insurances. Most can expect to pay near the high range.

New Alternative Therapy Saves Hair Transplant Costs – Cellular Therapies

Stem Cells were first identified in the medical literature around 1963, in a research paper authored by Till and McCulloch.  Some argue it goes back to 1946, but the paper only makes passing reference to the term “Stem Cell.”

Another 1932 paper titled “The Production of Osteogenic Sarcomata and the Effects on Lymph Nodes and Bone Marrow of Intravenous Injections of Radium Chloride and Mesothorium in Rabbits”  supports some understanding that hematopoietic stem cells exist, and may become damaged from radiation exposure.

That said, in the last 10-15 years science and medicine have made huge inroads into understanding how concentrated growth factors taken from Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cells can be used for tissue regeneration.

The latest scientific research shows cellular (Platelet-rich Plasma) therapy increased hair density by 45.9 hairs per cm² compared to baseline values.

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We combine multiple and independent modalities that have proven in research to grow hair or stimulate new hair growth. It employs three recognized protocols for hair regrowth. They are:

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) – a cellular-based therapy that uses Platelet-rich Plasma for Hair Lossconcentrated growth factors from your own blood plasma to stimulate hair follicle health and hair regrowth. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is a therapy shown to work well with premature male and female hair loss. PRP takes extracts and concentrates 7 key growth factors that promote cellular regeneration, creating healthier and stronger hair follicles.

Micro-Needling – micro-needling stimulates stem cell activity in the area Derma-roller used by Hair Loss Specialists of Louisvillewhere hair loss is present. Research has shown that micro-needling 1 to 2 times weekly can make a significant improvement to follicle health and hair growth. The micro-injury from micro-needling isn’t deep enough to do any long term damage, they’re just deep enough to wake up the cells in that area so they can activate regenerative resources.

Medications – finally we combine proven medicinal topical therapies likeLouisville Hair Loss Medications for Treatment Minoxidil and  Finasteride. Minoxidil creates hair growth by increasing cutaneous blood flow to shrinking hair follicles. Finasteride helps block DHT levels, which can miniaturize hair follicles. The physician or practitioner will determine with topical medications are best suited for your condition.

Three Simple Steps to Effective PRP Hair Loss Treatment

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