Louisville Laser Skin Resurfacing | Downtown and Airport Locations

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There are two primary ways to get laser resurfacing in Louisville at our Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical Center. They are:

Is your skin looking older than it should? Do you have sun spots or acne scarring? If you are looking for younger looking skin, then our Alma Harmony Laser treatments are what the doctor ordered.

Get excellent Louisville Skin Resurfacing at the Anti-Aging and Wellness Treatment Center

Louisville Laser Skin Resurfacing for Acne and Acne Scarring

Reduce your acne scarring with a top rated laser for laser skin resurfacing. The Alma Harmony laser is one of the most versatile technologies for pain-free laser skin resurfacing.

Louisville Laser Skin Resurfacing for General Scar Reduction

In addition to acne scars, other scars, fine lines, and age spots are reduced or disappear completely after only 1-2 treatments.

Order Online to Reserve Space – Louisville Laser Pixel Treatment Center

  • Laser Pixel Single Treatment $395 <ORDER NOW!>
  • Laser Pixel Two Session Treatment $695 <ORDER NOW!>
  • Laser Pixel Three Session Treatment $995 <ORDER NOW!>

Complete the informed consent online. Save time! <Laser Informed Consent>


AntiAge Medical Louisville - Laser Pixel Skin Resurfacing

Louisville Downtown Anti-Age Medical – Laser Treatment Center

Anti-Aging and Wellness (Downtown)
812 South 3rd St.
Louisville, KY 40203

Louisville Airport Anti-Age Medical – Laser Treatment Center

Anti-Aging and Wellness (Airport)
3000 Fern Valley Rd. #100
Louisville, KY 40213