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We are the leading alternative treatment center to NuMale Treatments. We offer Hormone Replacement Therapy (including HGH at one-third the price). 

Step 1 Blood Testing

The first step to see if you are a candidate for hormone optimization is blood testing and consulting with our medical team.

Step 2 Individual Program

Our medical practitioners customize an individualized hormone replacement program for you. Then we follow you every step of the way. 

Step 3 VIP Monitoring

Once on the program, our medical team and coaches monitor your progress. Our goal is to keep you healthy and happy.

NUMALE Costs | NU-MALE Review | Price Comparisons

If you are in the U.S. and looking for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, p-shot for ED, or growth hormone treatment, then we are your best choice.

We are one of the only truly international anti-aging and wellness groups. We have both U.S. and foreign doctors in Mexico and Costa Rica.

For those considering HGH therapy, we offer the same medications from the same manufacturers for 1/3 the price at our Mexico and Costa Rica treatment centers.

Medical tourism is booming! The main reason is the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S.A. Brand-name prescription drugs like HGH and other injectables are up to 3-times the price. 

Same medication. Same manufacturers. 1/3 the price at Anti-Aging and Wellness. 

Many male-oriented clinics offering HGH, testosterone, and ED therapies have proliferated throughout the USA over the past 10 years. The demand for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (including expensive HGH) and support for diminished erectile performance, has become widespread.

Many of these treatments in the US are two or three times the price as in places like Costa Rica and Mexico. For recurring therapies such as growth hormone therapy, this is far too costly for many.

Get HGH Price Details and Download PDF

Norditropin HGH Price Updates | Anti-Age Costa Rica

You will get the updated pricing for real HGH (Norditropin HGH), plus any discounts offered. 

HGH Therapy Monthly Costs Example

The table below reflects the typical cost for a leading brand of growth hormone injectable called Norditropin.  Our figures are updated monthly. HGH replacement therapy in the USA versus Mexico or Costa Rica with the same medications varies by nearly 66 percent.

Note: Prices are close estimates based on typical patient averages. Minor rate adjustments may occur depending on dosage and any additional medications required. The typical patient will see a rate very close to those mentioned in this table.

Initial programs of 90-days minimum are generally recommended to observe measurable improvements in body composition, fat loss, energy levels, and exercise intensity.  We also expect to see improvements in age-related chronic disease markers and longevity markers which can also be tested. 

Beverly Hills HGH Costs $570.00 initial exams $1,295.00 monthly
TJ, Mexico HGH Costs $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly (out of stock)
Costa Rica HGH Costs $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly

Treatment for human growth hormone deficiency at our anti-aging and wellness clinics are generally 1/3 the amount paid at a U.S. anti-aging treatment center. 

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HGH Replacement Therapy - Norditropin FlexPen Example

Beverly Hills | NuMale Compairson | HGH Price
Norditropin HGH NordiFlex Pen (#1 Brand)

Beverly Hills RX HGH Pricing Vs. Anti-Aging and Wellness TJ

Beverly Hills Costco RX Norditropin HGH $1,243.23

Anti-Aging and Wellness HGH $550.00

How do our doctors, services, and costs compare to other Anti-Aging Centers in the USA like NuMale Medical? This is a basic overview for those patients looking for this information.

NuMale otherwise known as Nu-Male Medical is a US-based medical services center offering what is commonly referred to as Anti-Aging and/or Age Management Medical care oriented to men. Generally speaking, these services break down into the following:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy which may include human growth hormone replacement (HGH) or testosterone replacement for low-t.
  • Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy injections for erectile dysfunction, also known as the P-shot. This is an injection of your own body’s blood platelets which have been spun in a special centrifuge to extract the body’s own healing growth factors and re-inject them into the penis to help vascular repair and nerve sensitivity.
  • Pulse Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction is used to improve blood flow and nerve sensitivity.
  • Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy for hair growth. Similar to the above except injections are made into the scalp area. Growth factors from the PrP can help promote hair growth and follicle health.
  • Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy for joint repair in orthopedics.

About Hormone Therapy | HGH Therapy in the United States

There are many hormone clinics in the United States. Some of these have become well-established brand names. Some are better than others. They include:

  • NuMale
  • Health Gains
  • BodyLogicMD

All these treatment centers have become recognized leaders in health and wellness. What sets us apart is we have highly skilled doctors working in international markets in collaboration with our US doctors. 

We offer treatment centers in Boca Raton Florida, Louisville, Kentucky, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama.

Big pharma companies like Novo Nordisk, Merck, and others, offer their brand-name hormone medications in other countries at significant discounts. The US healthcare system pays 2 or 3 times the amount Mexico does for many of the same medications. In some cases, we save patients 60-70% off the price they pay for treatment in most parts of the United States. 

In these international destinations, our doctors can prescribe extremely expensive treatments for much less than in the United States. This is highlighted by our ability to prescribe leading brands of HGH like Norditropin by Novo Nordisk and Genotropin by Pfizer for nearly 60% less than in the US. We can do this with our US doctors licensed in the US as well as Costa Rica and Mexico. We are aware of no other medical group that can do this to save patients from paying inflated US drug prices.

US Doctors who can prescribe for less.

Nu-Male Medical markets its services in the following cities throughout the USA:

What should men expect before meeting with a NuMale Medical Doctor?

We generally recommend a medical doctor that has taken the time to get their board certification in Anti-Aging Medicine or is experienced in urology for P-Shot or Wave Therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. 

Generally, this is what we recommend all of our physicians must do within one year of practicing at our Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical Centers.

Email us:

In September 2019, RT reports on a new research finding on reversing epigenetic age. Epigenetic age markers are more accurate than chronological age <Reference Link>  or Research Review: HGH Rudman | Fahy | Thrice Weekly Injections for Anti-Aging.

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Anti-Aging Medicine, and hormone replacement therapy is a fast moving field of medicine. There are a lot of doctors jumping into the field without much experience. Choose your medical group wisely because optimal health depends upon a doctor’s experience in hormone replacement, coupled with proper nutrition, and follow-up testing.

Always look for board certification.

NuMale Medical Review

Get Started Today!

Anti-Aging and Growth Hormone

Order a Anti-Aging Blood Panel (Male or Female).

The universe rewards action! The next step is up to you. 

If you are in the USA, you can get a preliminary evaluation by getting a blood test. Go to our affiliate link, and order your Anti-Aging Male or Female blood panel test today.

Order the Anti-Aging Panel Male or Female. The results will be completed within 5 days. You can email your results to us, and we will provide you with a preliminary summary of the findings related to your interest in hormone replacement therapy. 

Lab Locator Page: <Direct Labs Locator>.

Good luck! 

Dr. Jeff Life and Growth Hormone

The Role of Growth Hormone, Dr. Eric Berg

Suzanne Somers and Growth Hormone

What about Costs between NuMale Medical or other USA Clinics?

Patients will find our costs to be lower for most procedures. For testosterone replacement, generally speaking, US rates will likely be equivalent to international rates.  However, for more comprehensive treatment programs that include other hormones like human growth hormone replacement (HGH), or even platelet-rich plasma therapy, patients will find we are 50-60% less than US clinics.

Those currently undergoing HGH replacement therapy, can switch to us and save. Save thousands on your annual refills. 

If you are on a US-based HGH program, call or email for price comparison for our international treatment rates. We can still monitor with one our our US-based medical doctors. 

There are three primary reasons we can offer better service to our patients. The first is we require our doctors to obtain their board certification in Anti-Aging Medicine within one year of joining our team.

This is a comprehensive evidence-based medical training program oriented to the study of anti-aging medicine. It requires a significant commitment of the doctor’s personal time to learn the material and then take the written and oral examinations.

We believe it to be the best way to know our fellow colleagues are serious about this form of preventative and age management medicine. 

The second key reason is we are on the tip of the spear when it comes to nutrition. We encourage all patients to get nutrition counseling and all of our programs have a nutrition program that can be incorporated into it.

Many Americans are still unaware today that through modern medical science and nutrition, we can help reverse age-related health issues like hypertension, and type-II diabetes, and even reduce one’s risk for developing heart disease and stroke. 

The following chart shows the current state of most Americans’ nutritional intake. As younger generations eat more poorly, the cumulative effect is chronic diseases come earlier and healthspan is reduced.

Over 1 million Americans die every year from heart disease and cancer – the two leading causes of death. Few understand that the risks of these diseases are reduced with proper diet and lifestyle. See the chart.

American Diet and Hormone Replacement

Our nutritionists and physicians help each patient optimize their lifestyle in combination with hormone replacement therapy.

When combined with our hormone replacement therapies, and weight loss medical therapies, we can accelerate your results much sooner than most realize.

Finally, one of the best reasons to work with us is the total value. Prescription drug prices in the U.S. have gone off the charts. Especially for brand-name injectables like human growth hormone therapy.

We provide a skilled medical team of doctors trained in hormone replacement therapy and board-certified in anti-aging medicine. 

When all factors are measured: quality of care, time invested per patient, the experience of our physicians and their advanced training, and the lower costs of procedures and medicines, we stand alone as one of the best alternatives for value-based (cost-effective) wellness programs, especially when those programs include expensive name-brand HGH injections for optimal therapy.


*The Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic is an independently owned and operated international medical group. It has no affiliation with NuMale Medical. All information provided above is based on our existing US patient feedback, public information available on the web, and our own intellectual property knowledge related to prescription medical prices in the USA and abroad.  

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