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Phentermine Weight-Loss Long-Term Treatment & Lifestyle

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Phentermine Medical Weight Loss: Long-term Drug Treatment for Obesity: A Systematic and Clinical Review

Medical weight-loss using weight-loss medications combined with a lifestyle modification program is shown to be an effective form of weight loss treatment in adults. Our approach is to combine our systematic age metrics protocol along with a nutritionally dense whole food diet program.

Essentially, the program consists of the following:

  • Physician consultation & Medical History
  • Biochemical Assessment – Age-Related Blood Testing
  • EKG
  • Prescriptions Supporting Weight Loss – (i.e., Phentermine, etc.)
  • Prescriptions Replacing and Optimizing Hormone Deficiencies based on Lab Testing
  • Body Composition Measurements – Bi-monthly
  • Age Metrics Key Health Indication monitoring of BMI, Body composition, lipid levels, blood sugar levels, BP, and other key health-related metrics we found to support optimal results in our patients.
  • Recipes and meal plan development and coaching based on our whole foods oriented eating model.

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Click to enlarge weight-loss lifestyle-related factors to disease.

Phentermine Medical Weight-Loss Program Efficacy

No weight-loss program can be successful without patient compliance. Our goal from the beginning was to build a program that promotes patient compliance. We use evidenced-based research isolating many of the lifestyle factors leading to the overweight / obesity epidemic plaguing the USA. The program is not a calorie restriction program – it is a nutrient-dense form of our High-Order Primate Diet™.

The fact is, the human race’s physiology is designed to eat a much more whole foods diet, which includes reducing meat, dairy, processed foods, and processed oils. By doing so, patients avoid foods high in sodium and saturated fats, which most Americans eat far too much of. Research confirms using whole foods in a more natural unprocessed state is healthier and more nutrient-dense, supplying the cells with nutritious calories and not empty calories. Weight loss is healthier and easier to comply with since calories are not restricted (within reason), and meal plans can be designed around favorite whole-food meals, but with targeted modifications to key ingredients that tweak them just enough so they increase metabolic health, metabolism, and satisfy hunger better.


According to CDC and NHAMES data (2013-2014), the overweight-obesity epidemic in the United States is approximately 70%. Weight gain and unhealthy body mass index levels are key markers to suffering from age-related chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and cancers. Overweight and obesity is also increasing at an alarming rate for both adolescents and young adults, so these diseases are impacting a larger and larger percentage of younger adults, robbing them of their Quality of Life (QoL), reducing energy, influencing libido, sexual dysfunction and other lifestyle based problems which are related to being overweight.

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Click chart to enlarge Overweight-Obesity Percentages.

Weight-Loss Overweight-Obesity Men and Women

The overweight-obese problem is pretty evenly distributed among men and women.

  • Overweight-Obese Men: 73.7%
  • Overweight-Obese Women: 66.9%

What is Phentermine

Phentermine is a stimulant like an amphetamine. It works as an appetite suppressant by working on the central nervous system. Phentermine should always be used with a closely monitored lifestyle improvement program involving medical counseling and dietary coaching that set reasonable objectives and frequent feedback and biometric measurements. Then, making adjustments and adapting as required based on the unique needs of the patient.

Why Should I Sign Up for Medical Weight-loss (Phentermine)?

Recently studies are showing that lifestyle factors are leading to a major epidemic in chronic diseases. Nearly 1 in 4 will die of a heart attack, which is approximately 600,000 deaths each year. 1 in 3 will experience some form of cancer, accounting for approximately 590,000 deaths each year. Much of the medical and scientific community now understand these are lifestyle-related diseases for the most part.

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Click the leading causes of death to enlarge.

Never before in human history have we had as much understanding and readily available research on how lifestyle modification can influence weight-loss, quality of life (QoL), and longevity. Even with the awakening of the research and scientific community, still, far too many physicians remain in the dark about how to help their patients achieve weight-loss effectively.

That’s where we differ. Our programs are heavily evidenced-based programs and we work very hard at helping patients to understand why it is important to learn our multifaceted approach to successful weight-loss.

Conclusion on Phentermine and other Medical Treatments

Research shows that medications approved for long-term obesity treatment, when used in conjunction with proper lifestyle education and modification.

By reducing body fat, improving body composition, and reaching targets in our age metrics profile, along with a healthy BMI (or hip-to-waist ratio), patients will be less likely to develop chronic diseases later in life by significantly reducing their risk factors for these diseases.


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