Anti-Aging: Reversal of Aging Markers

In a 2019 research study published in Aging Cell Journal, researchers showed the reversal of epigenetic aging markers in humans. They were given growth hormone, metformin, DHEA for one year. In the end, the average biological age reversal was approximately 2.5 years.

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Epigenetic age markers represent an epigenetic ‘clock’ which is more accurate at predicting life and healthspan than chronological age in years. Researchers in California recently published a small study in Aging Cell which should actual reversal of key aging markers. 

More research is needed since the study was limited. The protocol consisted of growth hormone, metformin and DHEA. Over the years, H.G.H. received a lot of negative press due to performance enhancement abuses by athletes. Let’s continue to monitor more research in this area. 

Every since the Rudman HGH study in the 1990s, claims have been made about HGH being the fountain of youth. That, of course, isn’t true. Nevertheless, when used correctly in adults with deficiencies, growth hormone can help regenerate new tissues, accelerate repair, reduce fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve bone density. 

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Please review the news report below on the Reversal of Epigenetic Aging in Humans. 

Reversal of Epigenetic Aging in Humans

Doctors use HGH, metformin, and DHEA to create an average 2.5 year age reversal in cell markers for humans.

Epigenetic age markers surpass chronological age in years for predicting biological age. Four markers were used to measure the reversal of epigenetic aging in humans. The results were published in May 2019. 

Ref: Reversal of epigenetic aging and immunosenescent trends in humans. <Aging Cell, Reversal of Epigenetic Aging pdf>.

Participants were given human growth hormone, metformin, and DHEA for a period of one year. Results showed an average of 2.5 years of biological age marker reversal.

Reversal of epigenetic ageing

The above video is was a report done on RT by Rick Sanchez regarding the epigenetic age reversal done in humans. 

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Norditropin is the most popular and most prescribed brand of HGH. It is manufactured by Novo Nordisk. The company is headquartered in Denmark. Novo Nordisk is a global leader in diabetic and human growth hormone medications. 

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Tech billionaire and biotech-longevity investor Peter Thiel wants to live to or beyond 120 years. He eats a Paleo diet, avoids sugars, and is taking human growth hormone treatment.

When should HGH be Prescribed?

This video is a reasonable argument related to the replenishment of HGH replacement therapy in adults.

Dr. Klatz of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine discusses the modest and appropriate replenishment of HGH deficiencies just as one would do for thyroid, estrogen, testosterone or any other deficiency. 

Dr. Klatz discusses how it is a safe therapy and has been used safely for more than 50 years throughout the world. 

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone produced within the brain by the pituitary gland.

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