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Detailed review of GF-9 and its listed homeopathic ingredients. Is it worth the cost when you can get real HGH for $550 monthly?

Review of GF-9 - Real HGH Pen

Review of GF-9 HGH Homeopathic Supplement and Its Ingredients

GF-9 is a dietary supplement that is marketed as a way to increase levels of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. It is made up of a blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are said to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH. Some of the benefits that are claimed for taking GF-9 include increased muscle mass and strength, improved bone density, and a reduction in body fat. However, it is important to note that the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of GF-9 and other similar supplements is limited. It is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before taking any supplement.

GF-9 is a blend of several ingredients, including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The specific ingredients in GF-9 can vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer, but some of the ingredients that are commonly found in GF-9 supplements include:

What is GF-9 according to the manufacturer?

      • L-Lysine: an essential amino acid that is important for the growth and repair of tissues in the body.
      • L-Arginine: an amino acid that is involved in many bodily processes, including the production of nitric oxide, which can help improve blood flow.
      • L-Glutamine: an amino acid that is important for maintaining the health of the gut and immune system.
      • L-Glycine: an amino acid that is involved in the production of proteins, hormones, and enzymes in the body.
      • Schizonepeta: a herb that has anti-inflammatory properties and is used in traditional Chinese medicine.
      • N-Acetyl Cysteine: an antioxidant that helps to protect the cells from damage.
      • Alpha GPC: a compound that is involved in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
      • Vitamin B6: a vitamin that is important for metabolism, immune function, and healthy brain development.
      • Vitamin B12: a vitamin that is important for the healthy functioning of the nervous system, DNA synthesis, and the formation of red blood cells.
      • Folate: a vitamin that is important for DNA synthesis and the formation of red blood cells.
      • Chromium: a mineral that is important for blood sugar control, healthy metabolism, and energy production.
      • Selenium: a mineral that is important for the functioning of the immune system, thyroid gland, and the production of sperm.

It’s important to note that the specific ingredients and their amounts can vary by brand, and it is always best to read the label and consult a healthcare professional before taking any supplement.

Growth Factor 9 - Review of GF-9 ingredients - Where's the Growth Hormone?

As noted in the above list of ingredients, growth hormone is not listed. Supposedly there is research to suggest that these vitamins and minerals will somehow stimulate the human pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone. 

Note that there are some research studies showing that oral amino acid supplementation can spike growth hormone secretion, but there is no evidence the effect is significant enough in duration and amplitude to offer any therapeutic effect to the body. 

For those considering taking this medication, we encourage you to do a before and after GF-9 growth factor blood test. This test can help confirm if you are indeed receiving any growth hormone production boost from the supplement, or are just receiving a psychological benefit from the placebo effect. 

See Study: Increased human growth hormone following oral consumption of an amino acid


How to Measure for Yourself the GF-9 Supplements Effectiveness

So you are using the GF-9 HGH supplement. In order to review if GF-9 works, that is increases HGH in your blood, then you need to test using a $50-$60 IGF-1 blood exam.

Go to our US Direct Labs affiliate blood testing ordering center. You can order the blood test yourself. Review GF-9 for yourself.

For the most accurate review of GF-9, be sure to do a before and after blood test and see if your IGF-1 levels increase once you started taking the supplement. That is the accurate measure of whether these dietary (homeopathic) supplements work or if they don’t work. 

See the table below. 

Popular Method for Indirect Assay of HGH and IGF-1

Pituitary Description of Blood Test IGF-1 Range ng/mL
IGF-1 IGF-1 levels are directly related to growth hormone secretion and/or HGH therapy. Best levels for healthy adults is in the upper physiological range (290-315ng/ml). Some patients will require HGH dosage adjustments to achieve optimal levels of IGF-1. 200-320 ng/ml

The HGH / IGF-1 table above was reconstructed from the book Dr. Jeffry S. Life, M.D. Ph.D., The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body, Edition May 2011, page 323.

Where is GF-9 Sold?

GF-9 is a dietary supplement that can be found in various retail stores, and it can also be purchased online from different e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and many others. Some manufacturers also sell GF-9 directly on their own websites. It is important to note that availability can vary by location and it may not be available in all regions. It is always recommended to check with local retailers or online retailers to confirm if they carry the product.

Our Opinion and Review of GF-9 Supplement for HGH

We do not believe there to be any significant therapeutic benefit to the use of GF-9 for growth hormone replacement therapy.

There is limited scientific research on the effectiveness of GF-9 and other similar supplements in increasing human growth hormone (HGH) levels in the body. While some studies have found that certain ingredients in GF-9, such as amino acids, may have the potential to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH, the majority of the studies were conducted in animals or in test tubes and not in human.

Additionally, some of the claims made by the manufacturers of GF-9 regarding its benefits, such as increased muscle mass and strength, improved bone density, and a reduction in body fat, are not supported by robust scientific evidence. There are not many human trials that have been conducted to confirm these effects, and the studies that have been conducted have shown mixed results.

It is important to note that the FDA has not evaluated the safety or effectiveness of GF-9, and as with any dietary supplement, it is always best to consult a healthcare professional before taking it. It’s also recommended to be cautious about the claims made by supplement manufacturers and to not rely solely on their marketing material.

HGH is FDA-Approved for the Following Medical Conditions

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that helps to regulate growth and metabolism in the body. In medical settings, HGH is primarily prescribed to treat children and adults with growth hormone deficiency (GHD). GHD can be caused by a variety of conditions, including genetic disorders, brain injuries, and radiation therapy to the head. HGH is also used to treat adults with chronic kidney failure and Turner syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the growth and development of girls. Additionally, HGH has been used off-label to treat other conditions such as muscle wasting in HIV/AIDS, and short bowel syndrome. However, the safety and effectiveness of HGH in these conditions have not been well established.

Here is a list of conditions for which human growth hormone (HGH) is commonly prescribed:

  1. Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) in children and adults
  2. Chronic kidney failure in adults
  3. Turner syndrome in girls
  4. Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects appetite and growth
  5. Muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder that causes muscle wasting and weakness
  6. Idiopathic short stature, a condition where children are shorter than average for no known reason
  7. Small for gestational age (SGA) infants, infants who are born small and have catch-up growth problems
  8. Adult onset HGH deficiency also known as Adult GHD, a condition where the body doesn’t produce enough HGH as adult age.
  9. HGH used as a support for recovery after severe burns.

HGH is also sometimes used off-label to treat conditions such as muscle wasting in HIV/AIDS and short bowel syndrome, but the safety and effectiveness of HGH in these conditions have not been well established and the use may be restricted.

Does HGH Work?

Of course, HGH is legal. And it will remain legal. Growth hormone has been demonized because of athletic abuses but most of that sensationalism occurred in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now elites like Peter Theil, Jeff Bezos, and others are not only fueling rockets, they are fueling their bodies. They are doing this with top-of-line supplements, a healthy diet, and most likely HGH and other hormone replacement therapies. 

You Cannot Purchase Real HGH for $300 Per Month in USA

Since 2013, the Anti-Aging and Wellness clinics in Costa Rica, Mexico, and other US and Latin American countries has led the way with affordable growth hormone therapy programs. We’ve achieved this by prescribing the same FDA-approved HGH at more affordable prices than in the USA. When HGH doctors and clinics in the USA make claims you can be treated with therapeutic levels of HGH for $300 per month, they are not being truthful. 

The lowest-cost brands in the USA will run at least nearly $1,000 per month in the USA. That’s for lower packaged brands that are difficult to mix with much of the medication getting spilled and wasted during the reconstitution process. HGH doctors and clinics claiming to be the best in the USA usually perform a “bait and switch” to unsuspecting patients. By this we mean they bait you with websites about growth hormone therapy, then switch you to another product. Usually, these products are unproven, non-FDA-approved peptides they claim will elevate HGH and IGF-1 levels. These products don’t work like real HGH. You might as well go buy an HGH cream. These products offer no HGH in their molecular makeup and at best they are indirect precursors which rarely if ever make offer any therapeutic benefit to the patient. 

The key to getting 100% FDA-approved growth hormone therapy is to know what to look for, and to know how to measure the results. Results can be measured by how many orders you placed. Results are measured by IGF-1 blood tests showing the products are legitimately achieving the desired effects. 

The table below shows the upper levels of IGF-1 you should reach to be near or just above 300 ng/ml. If HGH doctors and HGH clinics in the USA are claiming their low-cost methods of HGH therapy are achieving this optimal therapeutic level, then make sure you are being tested and confirming the therapy is working. Otherwise, you are just throwing your money away for a placebo effect. 

Best Option for a bad Review of GF-9 - Genuine FDA-approved HGH

The Norditropin HGH Pen is rated the No. 1 pen for the least product wasted out of all other brands. The product comes pre-mixed and is made for convenience. 

Since 2013 We've Offered Life Extension Technologies In Costa Rica and Mexico

For a number of years Anti-Aging medical science was ridiculed and claimed to be a quack science. Yet, over the past couple of years, it’s clear it works. Cellular respiration to cellular regeneration is a complicated yet well-understood science. Informed and highly trained doctors in the field of anti-aging medical protocols can achieve rapid change in patients with a few simple steps. What are these steps? Well, no matter how people try to overcomplicate it, the steps that achieve 80% of the benefit are rather simple. 

  1. Don’t smoke
  2. Maintain an excellent body composition (BMI). If your BMI is too high, use keto and other dietary methods to get your BMI into an excellent range. It doesn’t have to be BMI, it can be hip-to-waist ratio or other measures of lean body mass. Just keep it simple and keep it in an optimal range. 
  3. Avoid excessive alcohol intake. 
  4. Measure important age-management biomarkers including hormone levels. Use diet, exercise, and supplementation to replenish deficiencies to optimal upper physiological levels. More is not better. The key is optimal levels and a good anti-aging doctor can get you there and you can confirm yourself by learning how to review your own blood tests. 
  5. Consider using HGH for thymus regeneration and overall cellular and organ regeneration. HGH is a key hormone and should be part of any protocol related to hormone optimization.
  6. Understand how food influences blood sugars and insulin secretion.  Our bodies are made to operate best when we trigger longevity genes through periodic episodes of feast and famine. There are formulas to optimize this process and it’s all part of a metabolic wellness program that can be learned. 
  7. Reduce stress, and enjoy social activities.

That’s about it. Some of the other supplements like MNM, Resveratrol, or others can be useful but do the major items listed above first. Don’t start with a special pill until you’ve mastered the recipe listed above. It’s a tried and true recipe and it knocks out 90% or more of the anti-aging process. At the end of the day, you need a good doctor and you need to measure the key biomarkers in your blood as a reflection of age metrics. 

Human Growth Hormone Legal Prescription

If your own review of GF-9 fails, then consider real growth hormone. 

When you are treated by one of our Anti-Aging doctors, you will be provided with a legal prescription matching the exact medication and quantity provided. In addition, you will be provided with a form from the manufacturer of the HGH, explaining the need for travel with your medication. This formal travel letter is stamped and approved professionally by the doctor. We’ve never encountered a problem with any of our medical tourism patients traveling with their treatment – as long as they carry the proper medical documents. 

Prescription Refills

Depending on your circumstances, refills are handled individually. As long as patients comply with keeping up on their blood tests and follow their protocols as prescribed, refills are provided. It is extremely important that patients maintain up-to-date labs. All medical documentation must be up to date for us to prescribe prescription refills. 

Get HGH Price Details and Download PDF

Review of GF-9 - Real HGH Pen

You will get the dosing guide and updated pricing for real HGH (Norditropin HGH), plus any discounts offered. 

Costs are lower with us because of our international options in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. We have board-certified physicians who can prescribe the same medications by the same manufacturers for 1/3 the price. 

Want to Know HGH Costs?

Average Monthly Cost of H.G.H. Injections - Table

USA HGH VS. Abroad EXAMS/LABS Average Monthly HGH costs
Norditropin Price in USA $570.00 initial exams $1,295.00 monthly (10MG Injection Pen)
Norditropin Price in Mexico $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly (10MG Injection Pen)
Norditropin Price in Costa Rica $550.00 initial exams $550.00 monthly (10MG Injection Pen)

What to do if your Review of GF-9 fails?

If you are objective and measure your growth hormone levels using the test we recommend, and your results are not improving, then we suggest contacting a real HGH medical clinic. Not a clinic that promotes peptides, but a clinic that prescribes authentic human growth hormone like Norditropin HGH. 

Anti-Aging and Wellness Center by Age Metrics Medical S. A.

The Anti-Aging & Weight Loss Center by Age Metrics Medical is part of the original Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical Clinic (Est. 2013). The clinic is one of the longest-running most successful anti-aging centers in all of Latin America for Weight Loss and Anti-Aging and Wellness therapies. Our doctors are US board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the A4M.

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Dr. Jeff Ugalde, M.D.

Medical Experience & Certifications

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