Testosterone Decline in Males leading to Chemical Castration – The Under-reported Problem Facing American Men.

The Feminization of Men leading to Low Testosterone, Increased Risk of Chronic Diseases, and ED.

For years mainstream medical professionals have been telling men decline in testosterone levels is just a normal part of aging. New evidence suggests this may not be 100% correct. A clear example of this is research being done on African clawed frogs exposed to the environmental endocrine-disrupting toxin known as Atrazine.

Male Testosterone Decline (Low-T) Results in Chemical Castration from Atrazine

Atrazine is one of the most commonly used pesticides in the world. According to Tyrone B. Hayes et. al. 2010, atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface, and drinking water.  Researchers in the US and Australia have identified atrazine as a potent endocrine disruptor. So powerful, it results in the decline of testosterone levels in African clawed frogs. Up to 10% of these frogs transform sex from male to female, capable of copulating, and reproduction.

10% of African clawed frogs in studies transform from male to fully functional females when exposed to the atrazine pesticide.

The frogs may not be the only ones suffering from this form of chemical-castration due to declining testosterone levels. It is likely impacting species higher up in the food chain, including potentially feminizing men all over the world who are exposed to this commonly used pesticide and hormone disruptor.

Atrazine and other industrial chemicals, including herbicides, pesticides and other environmental toxins may be disrupting hormones and feminizing men.

Atrazine exposed male frogs suffered from depressed testosterone, decreased breeding gland size, demasculinized/feminized laryngeal development, suppressed mating behavior, reduced spermatogenesis, and decreased fertility. These data are consistent with the effects of atrazine observed in other vertebrate classes.[1]

Male Infertility – From Strong Masculine Desirable Males to Unnatural Biochemical She-Men

Male fertility is in decline. Recent estimates suggest between 60-80 million couples each year suffer from some form of infertility. Research also suggests that 40%-50% of reported infertility is due to men.[2]

Historically, the medical profession has been focusing primarily on semen quality. But other pathways leading to follicular stimulating hormone function may be playing a larger role than previously understood. Endocrinologist and other medical professionals focus heavily on treating diseases when perhaps preventing diseases with toxin avoidance and healthier lifestyles are what should be the priority.

As far back as the 1990s, it was estimated that roughly 6% of adult males were likely infertile (Purvis & Christiansen, 1992). Increased exposure to so-called “Xeno-Estrogens” is thought to be responsible for prenatal and postnatal testicular dysfunction in men. Xeno-estrogens impact fetal development by inhibiting proper Sertoli cell development, impacting sperm production in men.

Potential (controllable) Factors to Male Infertility

  • Xeno-estrogens
  • Hormone Imbalances due to Lifestyle
  • Heavy Metal Exposure
  • Pesticide Exposure
  • Unknown Chemicals and Multi-Chemical Exposures

Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Historically, erectile dysfunction in men below 40 years of age was considered psychogenic. Although most of these cases may be related to performance anxiety, new evidence shows as many as 20% of these males have a real physiological problem. There is likely a combination of anxiety and physiological issues compounding ED problems even more.

For the most part, all physiological erectile dysfunction can be categorized as one of the following three problems:

  • Vascular dysfunction
  • Nerve sensitivity
  • Endocrine dysfunction of disruption



[1] Atrazine induces complete feminization and chemical castration in male African clawed frogs. Tyron B. Hays et. al. March 9, 2010, PNAS 4612-4617, Vol. 107, no. 10.

[2] Potential pathways of pesticide action on erectile function – A contributory factor in male infertility, R.P. Kaur et. al. Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction 2015: 4(4) 322-330.

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