Testosterone Injections are the most common T replacement

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Testosterone Injections are the most common forms of androgen replacement.

Testosterone Injections – Most Common Types:

Testosterone Cypionate (Depo-Tesosterone®) and Testosterone Enanthate (Adrotardyl®) are the two most common forms of testosterone injection esters.

Both testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate are now available in generic form from many compounding pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. Fill in the  contact form at bottom of page to get tested.

Testosterone Enanthate Injections

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the more popular forms of testosterone injection. It has a terminal half-life of 4.5 days. Maximum concentrations are reached approximately 10 hours following administration.  Typically it is combined with castor oil to allow for delayed-release.

Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Testosterone Cypionate is another common type of testosterone ester and is very similar to testosterone enanthate.

Testosterone Propionate Injections

This type of testosterone replacement has a much shorter half-life than testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate. The half-life is approximately 19 hours after a single injection. When testosterone propionate injections are prescribed, usually injections are lower and more frequent. Occasionally, propionate may be blended with cypionate or enanthate to combine both faster acting and slower acting esters. Usually this depends on the physician and patient, and what is the best combination to improve the patient’s testosterone levels and well-being.

The goal of Testosterone Injections

The main goal of testosterone injections is to achieve optimal physiological levels of testosterone while avoiding any negative side-effects.  Injections have been the most popular route in the United States for this type of therapy.

Testosterone Injections – Fluctuating Serum Levels

One of the main drawbacks with testosterone injections is maintaining consistent serum levels. Testosterone esters are effective in producing improved vitalization, but widely fluctuating serum levels can also create side-effects, which is why you want to be under the care of a good physician.

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Download more research on the pros and cons of testosterone delivery systems <Click here>. Note: Pellet implants are a better delivery method for testosterone replacement for those wishing to maintain steady levels of serum testosterone without as estrogen conversion-related side-effects.

Testosterone replacement therapy is generally offered in three primary delivery methods:

  1. Injection <Go to Testosterone Injection Page>
  2. Creams <Go to Testosterone Cream Page>
  3. Pellet Implants (Superior delivery method) <Go to Pellets Page>


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